Jellyfish Lamps

Jellyfish Lamps

Beautiful and creative lamps designed by Roxy Russell look like jellyfish.

Made out of translucent mylar, these unique lamps will fill your entire room with glowing light and calming feeling of the ocean.

Jelly Fish Lamps

Ophelia Lamp

Jellyfish Lights

Polyp Lamp

Jellyfish Lamp

Hydra Lamp

Jellyfish Lamp by Roxy Russell

Medusa Lamp

Jellyfish Light

Jelly Fish Lamp

Jellyfish Lamps by Roxy Russell

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  1. Diego

    this is so beutiful, and easy to make, i would buy the medusa one, omg i’m in love

  2. Betty


  3. Karen

    Dude, these are awesome!

  4. Martim

    Really beautiful stuff.

  5. jacklyn

    <3 i saw this earlier but forgot to comment. I am absolutely in love.

  6. kaity

    Nice. My favoutite is the ophelis and polyp one. Are these in store yet?
    They’re pretty cool. I’d love one in my room.

  7. Duff


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