Driftwood Faces

Driftwood Faces

Creative sculptures of mythical and human faces crafted out of driftwood.

Driftwood Faces – found wood sculptures made by Eyevan Tumbleweed.

Eyevan Tumbleweed Sculptures

Driftwood Face

Eyevan Tumbleweed Driftwood Face

Eyevan Tumbleweed Driftwood Faces

Eyevan Tumbleweed Faces

Found Wood Sculpture

Found Wood Sculptures

Eyevan Tumbleweed Face

Eyevan Tumbleweed

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  1. Swiper Fox

    We are Groot!

  2. Stuart Halliday

    Treebeard would be proud.

    But kind of creepy. I wouldn’t want these hanging in a place I’d see everyday….

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