Human Face Masks

Human Face Masks

Japanese company REAL-f makes three-dimensional replicas of human faces.

For only $4,000 USD, you can have extremely realistic mask that looks and feels like your face. Perfect costume for any Halloween party!

Face Masks

Realistic Human Face Mask

Real-f Mask

Face Replica

Realistic Face Mask

Realistic Human Face Masks

Face Mask

For cheaper alternatives check out: ThatsMyFace and Baby Head Masks

  1. niss

    kinda… creepy..

  2. Elphi

    Cool, but strange! I wish I could see a comparison of a picture of the person and then the person wearing their own mask. The masks also look a little bit larger in scale to their own faces. Still cool though. I’d like to know how they are made.

  3. Lilia Smiles

    This is pretty cool! I wonder what kind of software they use to scan and create the 3D mask. But $4000 seems a bit above budget for most people.

  4. Chloe

    @niss – yeah i agree with u ….

  5. Mon Sun

    Love the concept but I too get the creepy feeling.

  6. spanki franki

    wow perfect for some kind of robery looks so much like
    a real face no one would think it wasn’t them

  7. Katie

    Definitely perfect for a robbery or if you want to frame someone, lol.

    Very creepy…

  8. The Hooded Claw

    $4000 for a mask of…my own face? A little bit pointless as I can’t see many people (self respecting celebrities included) allowing their face to be used by anyone.

    But technically very good, if not a little reminiscent of death masks.

  9. Mark

    Aphex Twin reborn…

  10. Ninja Egg :D

    Creepy. Overpriced. But of course, i’d love a copy of my beautiful face(:

  11. kadal

    perfect for doing criminal things and prank….

  12. Hejorama

    Kinda creepy but might be useful for spy stuff like in Mission Impossible to deceit guards and cameras. Or just to make very weird pranks ;)

  13. Clau

    Yes, I agree with you all, it is both pretty cool and creepy. Great idea for a Halloween :-)

  14. steve

    is it just me or do the mask make the females look like male versions of themselves ?

  15. Gert

    Well, if you notice, in the one picture most everyone is wearing the same face. And only one other photo is of a woman so no. They don’t.

  16. Bryson

    I want one

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