3D Coffee Mugs

3D Coffee Mugs

Unique coffee and tea mugs feature colorful three-dimensional characters from popular movies, comic books, and Looney Tunes cartoons.

3D Coffee Mugs with iconic cartoon and movie characters sculpted out of polymer clay by talented artist Busra Guvendik.

Cartoon Mug

Busra Guvendik

Büşra Güvendik

Busra Guvendik 3D Coffee Mugs

Busra Guvendik Mugs

Busra Guvendik 3D Coffee Mug

Looney Tunes Mugs

3D Coffee Mug

Cartoon Mugs

3D Mugs

Busra Guvendik Mug

The Mask Mug

Cartoon Tea Mug


Looney Tunes Mug

3D Mug

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