Beautiful and Creative Origami Creations

Beautiful and Creative Origami Creations

Origami is the art of paper folding. This post showcases beautiful and creative origami creations.

Grulla Origami

Designed by Roman Diaz and Daniel Naranjo, folded by Emre Ayaroğlu from 37*37cm MC treated tissue.

Grulla Origami


Made from black “Elephant hide” paper, the back side painted with white acrylic. Dry folded.


Scorpion Origami

Excellent origami design created by Robert J. Lang.

Scorpion Origami

Onion Origami

Beautiful origami created by Philip Chapman-Bell, an origami designer living in western Massachusetts.

Onion Origami

Klingon Bird of Prey Origami

Designed by Andrew Pang, folded by Phillip West.

Klingon Bird of Prey Origami

Inflatable Piggy Origami

Cute origami by Roman Diaz folded from 15 cm square of Tant paper.

Inflatable Piggy Origami

Koi Pond Origami

Designed and folded by Sipho Mabona in April 2008. [more]

Koi Pond Origami

Iron Man Origami

Folded from an uncut square paper by Brian Chan. [more]

Iron Man Origami

Dollar Bill Origami

This type of origami art uses money instead of paper. [more]

Dollar Bill Origami

Crayfish Origami

Designed and folded by Sipho Mabona from one uncut 72 cm square of hand made chinese paper coloured with ink. [more]

Crayfish Origami

Spaceships Origami

Famous sci-fi spaceships from Star Trek and Star Wars created from folded dollar bills.

Spaceships Origami

Unicorn Origami

Beautiful origami by Roman Diaz. A study on layers.

Unicorn Origami

Praying Mantis Origami

Designed by Robert Lang, folded by Emre Ayaroğlu from 30*30cm mc treated tissue.

Praying Mantis Origami

Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection

V for Vendetta Mask Origami

Brian Chan folded this awesome mask from an uncut paper square. [more]

V for Vendetta Mask Origami

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  1. Sachawinter

    I have to learn origami for work, these are very inspirational!

  2. erwin15155

    fiew…origami to difficult for me…

  3. xazkov

    Spaceships: star TREK and Star Wars?!?! No.. just star wars. X-wing and Tie-Fighter. leave trek out of it. haha

  4. Mandy

    OMG! Koi fish=brilliant!

  5. anon

    V for Vendetta mask = WANT!

  6. Den

    This is truly inspiring art! The video is awesome!

  7. squareart

    Love this stuff! Brilliant!

  8. Beezy

    paper foldin’ skillzzzz

  9. Jef

    the grulla is amazing.

  10. Sérgio Maia

    This is Amazing! i would love learn origami technic :D

  11. J.P. Shami

    The koi fish origami is beautiful!

  12. K

    the video is really coool!

  13. JChristian


  14. Mathi

    Very diffucult Arts and they are all very nice!

    I want to learn these speciality arts. Who will teach me?

  15. picklini

    i have to learn this!!!! I’m a total origami guru!

  16. luis

    ya pongan algo en español x dios………………a y estan muy chidas sus fotos

  17. HappyCampers

    They are beatiful…my favorite is the praying mantis!

  18. Sonal Makin

    the KOI POND ORIGAMI is really nice!
    good work…and the ORIGAMI in PERFECTION is just great!!!

    keep up the good work

  19. aaruna

    excellent origami creations. like to learn & some day post nice ones like these

  20. Macky

    Good Stuff!

  21. reaper

    the cray fish origami is impossible wow

  22. dacournean

    Very nice!

  23. David

    The V for Vendetta mask is really called a Guy Fawkes mask. It’s been around for years. The movie just made it popular.

  24. dhoryan

    very cool work is very very exciting the way what can the people can manipulate the paper. only one condition we need to discover other way to make it because the tree´s grow up so lowless.


    AWESOME!!! Origami work done

  26. kk


  27. MrCool

    i like paper and this is just the best i’ve seen. i like th one of an animal.

  28. kadal

    grulla and vendetta is amazing

  29. Ffoeg

    actually xazkov, it IS star trek and star wars, its referring to the link not the picture, theres star trek spaceships on the link too

  30. Benjamin Koshkin

    These are absolutely amazing.

    Benjamin Koshkin

  31. Ben Koshkin

    Utterly amazing.

  32. Tiles

    We had to make 1000 cranes every year in grade school. Mine kinda sucked

  33. Larna

    there a lots of origami books out there to learn..u just have to be patient and try the easy ones first..hehe

  34. ShelbySadage

    WOW! These are intense, but a little more time consuming than I can handle:)

  35. Tiffany

    the onion kind of looks like a meringue cookie.

  36. Emary

    I love your works. and I need the onion for a art assesment. But i dont know how to follow a origami crease paper

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