Car Made of Driftwood

Car Made of Driftwood

Full size replica of iconic Volkswagen Beetle car handcrafted out of driftwood.

Wooden VW Beetle features driftwood frame, seats, wheels, doors, and functional steering wheel.

Driftwood Car made by Vancouver Island based artist Alex Witcombe.

Driftwood Volkswagen

Drifted Creations VW Beetle Car

Driftwood Volkswagen Car

Driftwood VW Car

Drifted Creations

Driftwood Car

VW Beetle Made of Driftwood

Alex Witcombe VW Beetle Car

Alex Witcombe

Alex Witcombe Driftwood

Driftwood VW Beetle Car

Driftwood VW Beetle

Driftwood Volkswagen Beetle Car

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