Giant Hippo Ottoman

Giant Hippo Ottoman

Creative ottoman designed to look like a charming Hippo emerging from the floor reminds us to protect our planet and its inhabitants.

Want a piece of furniture that is as lazy as you on a Sunday morning?

Say hello to the Grado Hippo Ottoman designed by Weng Xinyu of YUUE.

Whimsical ottoman shaped like a lovable hippo raises awareness about environmental issues while serving as a cool seating object.

Add a pop of personality to your space with the Giant Hippo Ottoman!

Whether you need extra seating or a unique decorative piece, this giant hippo has got you covered. Gentle reminder to care for animals.

Hippo Shaped Ottoman

Grado Hippo Ottoman by YUUE

Giant Hippo Ottoman by YUUE

YUUE Grado Hippo Ottoman

YUUE Giant Hippo Ottoman

Grado Hippo Ottoman

Hippo Ottoman

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