Bottled Milk Tea Packaging

Bottled Milk Tea Packaging

Creative packaging for bottled milk tea features realistic 3D image of hanging tea bag on the outside of the bottle.

“Assam Milk Tea” bottle designed by Mousegraphics embodies a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication.

Made for the discerning Chinese market, the design seamlessly combines iconic elements – a cow symbolizing milk and a tea bag representing tea.

These straightforward and universally recognized images combined to create a visually compelling composition.

Photorealistic rendering of a tea bag hanging on the packaging creates an optical illusion, as if it is delicately steeping in the milk tea bottle.

Color palette remains understated and natural, with a distinctive light green shade for the coconut flavor variant.

The result is a high-aesthetic and consumer-friendly bottled milk tea that speaks directly to the target audience.

Bottled Milk Tea

Assam Milk Tea

mousegraphics Assam Milk Tea

Assam Milk Tea by Mousegraphics

Assam Milk Tea Packaging

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