Miniature Food Sculptures

Miniature Food Sculptures

Delicious looking food miniatures crafted out of polymer clay by Kim Burke.

According to the artist, the inspiration for each meal comes from scouring cooking books and pastry shops for ideas.

Miniature Food

Berry Salad

Chocolate Mixing Bowl


Ice Cream Sundae

Fried Eggs and Cut Potatoes

Antipasto Platter


Tiny Food

Apple Pie Work Board

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  1. Karen

    wow! it looks so real!

  2. url00

    I love the portal cake in the first shot! ;)


  3. Me

    how the heck were these made? it looks edible.

  4. raen

    it is so cool and so little

  5. jsquared

    these are amazing! also, love the portal reference! :D

  6. cycarla

    I love the cookies!

  7. Pepsi

    Cast Iron Skillet is well done as well.

  8. Nina

    I can do some thing like that from polymer clay too.. It’s not that hard :)

  9. amu-ka

    I’ve seen some similar works made with polymer clay, but this ones are much more realistic!

  10. SaraJane

    It’s the cake from portal on top!

  11. Midet


  12. Koi Koi

    Mini yum! If these were editable I’d eat them all!

  13. ozlem

    so cute….delicious

  14. Raads

    imagine if they were edible, and tasted what they are portraying :D

  15. Larna

    I love all miniatures…these are simply amazing!

  16. dana

    wow thats sooo cool, I’ve seen a lot of these pics on google. Good job!

  17. Juliie

    Is very amazing and Cute!

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