The Undrinkable Can

The Undrinkable Can

Sealed can filled with Coca-Cola designed to be impossible to drink challenges people to rethink their daily Coke consumption.

The Undrinkable Can by QSTNMRK is a satirical art project that sheds light on the environmental and health issues caused by Coca-Cola.

Project addresses the alarming impact of Coca-Cola’s water extraction in Chiapas, Mexico where water shortages and health crises have emerged.

The Undrinkable Can is accompanied by shocking facts about Coca-Cola’s role in exacerbating these issues, including its contribution to diabetes rates and its title as the world’s largest plastic polluter.

Through its provocative messaging, The Undrinkable Can urges Coca Cola to do better, hoping to make the company reconsider its practices and address the environmental and health issues.

The Undrinkable Can by QSTNMRK

The Undrinkable Coca-Cola Can

QSTNMRK The Undrinkable Can

Undrinkable Coca-Cola Can

Undrinkable Can

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