Strangers Look Like Twins

Strangers Look Like Twins

Black and white photo series by Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle features unrelated people who look like one another.

Strangers from different parts of the world look like brothers and sisters.


People Look Like Twins




Unrelated Doppelgangers

Unrelated Twins

Unrelated Look-Alikes

Real Doppelgangers

Strangers Who Look Like Twins

Photographer Francois Brunelle

Complete Strangers Look Like Twins

Real Doppelganger

Im Not A Lookalike

I am Not A Lookalike

Not A Lookalike


Canadian Photographer Francois Brunelle

Francois Brunelle

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  1. Mel


  2. Douglas

    How did he find these people? Now try for triplets.

  3. For Real Though

    Uhmm…not really like twins, but they all look alike.

  4. Gert

    Holy crap that’s creepy and cool all rolled in one. I wonder how many of these people later ended up friends?

  5. AK

    Shows how much similar clothes and hairdo will do for ya. I’ve been with friends when we were asked if we were brothers and we weren’t even trying! I’d say the B&W photos helped too.
    OK, I’m being cynical, I’ll stop now. :P

  6. Gian

    Siblings, maybe, but hardly twins.

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