Colorless Coca-Cola Can

Colorless Coca-Cola Can

Eco-friendly can designed by Ryan Harc for Coca-Cola will reduce the cost of recycling and eliminate pollution caused by the coloring process.

Colorless Coca-Cola Can features iconic logo pressed into the can itself.

Harc Lee Colorless Coca-Cola Can

Colorless Can

Ryan Harc Colorless Coca-Cola Can

Ryan Harc

Colorless Coca-Cola

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  1. Michele

    These are great! I love the simplicity.

  2. Saadieq

    That looks really cool. Almost makes me want to start drinking Coke.

  3. Swiper Fox

    Now I can use this as an alcohol stove. :-D

  4. Thunder

    I don’t see Coca Cola use this on a large scale (if any at all…). Removing the red and white colours makes them much less recognizable. I just don’t see or feel ‘Coca Cola’ when I look at these cans.

  5. dariocalone

    Are we sure that pressed logo is cheaper than coulored labels? I’m not so sure

  6. Dave

    @Thunder, I agree, Coke Cola or any major brand will be unlikely to give up their iconic branding (i.e. color schemes, label designs, etc…). Additionally, certain information is required to be printed on the product such as ingredients. The low contrast in light and shadow would make it difficult for consumers with poor vision (though, the blind would benefit from the textured labels). Another marketing hurdle this can would have to face is the promotional tie-ins brands like this often do.
    All said though, the cans do look nice.

  7. Drinkwater

    Green washing. Meanwhile, the energy required to produce the aluminium can itself is massive. Aluminium is basically congealed electricity.

  8. Kathy

    These look really refreshing, and when the condensation starts dripping down the sides, it will be especially ‘clean’ looking. Very nice!

  9. Gert

    Another thing to consider is they STILL have to print the nutritional content info on the can as well as which processing plant it came from etc. Very artsy but I’m with Thunder, I don’t see them adopting this except for a promotional one time thing.

  10. Gert

    Oe other thing, the person who designed this doesn’t realize from a manufacturing standpoint this calls for a complete retooling of the can making process. An expensive one at that.

  11. shadow

    well you’ll definitely be able to feel “Coca-Cola” when holding them! xD

  12. JSintheStates

    Great design! Reducing pollution? Yeah, right!

  13. Amy

    The color silver is silver. Not “colorless”.

  14. Mark

    I’d buy it just for the look. Very cool.

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