Chair Made of Car Tires

Chair Made of Car Tires

Unique armchair made out of recycled car tires is a wonderful example of the power of creativity in modern art.

Chairs in Rubber tire sculptures created by Estonian artist Villu Jaanisoo transcends the mundane, breathing new life into discarded car tires.

Each tire, once destined for the scrap heap, finds a compelling second act.

Recycled tires shed their former identities to form the shape of the chair.

As you run your fingers along the surface of the car tire chair, you will feel the tangible presence of the material’s inner resistance.

Chair Made of Car Tires seen at the Acne Studios FW24 fashion show.

Chair Made of Recycled Car Tires

Chair Made of Recycled Tires

Chair Made of Tires

Car Tires Chair

Recycled Car Tires Chair

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