Piggyback Rider

Piggyback Rider

Innovative standing child carrier with integrated handles and safety harness.

Piggyback Rider allows you to safely and comfortably transport your child.

Backpack inspired child carrier frees up your hands and evenly distributes the weight for a natural upright walking posture.

Safe and fun the kid and super comfy for the parent! [order]

Standing Child Carrier

The Piggyback Rider

Child Carrier

Backpack Child Carrier

Piggyback Rider Standing Child Carrier

The Piggyback Rider Standing Child Carrier

Shoulder Child Carrier

Piggyback Rider Child Carrier

Piggyback Child Carrier

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  1. Ian H.

    Will they still dig their toes into the waistband of my pants?

  2. Swiper Fox

    Piggyback Rider Jokes

    Kid: Uhm… where are the reins to this thing? I need to show my dad if I want to go left or right towards the ice cream shop, or to the toy store. Maybe I can pull left-right my Daady’s hair…
    (Nothing to pull if they’re bald)
    Kid: Where can I find matching whip and spurs?
    Kid: Giddy-yap Daddy, Giddy-yap!

  3. Pearl Lamie


  4. Oliver

    Uhm… I don’t know… These kids all look old enough to walk by themselfs…
    I don’t really see the point of this thing.

  5. Schmaulie

    I thought the point of a piggy back was that you were able to sit on the shoulders of the person carrying you? If I wanted to make my child stand for the duration of our trip then I guess this would do. Otherwise, I’ll pass, thanks. Make a seated version and I’ll happily part with my money.

  6. issy

    All these comments are from people who have not experienced or used The Piggyback Rider.
    This is a STANDING CHILD CARRIER and not a sitting child carrier. Believe it or not the kids do like to stand. Sitting placed their heads right in the middle of your back. Surely the child’s head above yours is more reasonable.
    Kids are old enough to walk but there are times they like the ride.
    AS for reigns, kids are not animals. If you look close enough you will see there is a safety harness for the child as well as handles to grab if the child feels the need.
    As for the kids pulling your hair – that doesn’t happen. This is AN ACTIVE CHILD CARRIER so with the child’s head close to yours the can COMMUNICATE with you.
    No the child’s feet do not dig into your waist. If placed correctly they are at the end of the bar, which has an 18″ span.
    So for some of the skeptics, would you prefer and experience with your child, with communication and moving at your speed, or would you prefer your child in a leash looking at everyone else’s butt! If you look closely at the pictures you will see the kid’s are actually enjoying the ride.

  7. Gert

    issy obviously does NOT actually HAVE children or they would know dad’s hair WILL be pulled, some kids DO kick just as they would in cars and the joke about reigns was the kid is riding DAD like an animal.

    Reading comprehension general fail man. It would be awesome if you went back and read what was said without your feelings being hurt because folks see obvious flaws in your product. Investors will be far less kind.

  8. Gert

    oh, and MY child holds my hand and I can hear him jut fine that far away thanks. lol

  9. Rob

    That bar digging into you back would get tired quick. Maybe a yolk shaped, padded version. Also, seems difficult to get them in and out. I’d keep hearing I wanna get down, I wanna get up, I wanna get down etc…
    I too would like to see a seated version.

  10. titu

    Only parents will understand, why it is worth it.

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