3D Printed Logos

3D Printed Logos

Company logos turned into real world functional items and usefulĀ objects.

“3D Printed Logos” – creative project by Japanese designer Taku Omura.

Jordan “Jumpman” Logo

Taku Omura

Louis Vuitton “LV” Logo

Taku Omura 3D Printed Logos

McDonald’s “Golden Arches” Logo

Taku Omura Logo

Taku Omura Logos

Honda Logo

Taku Omura Printed Logos

Seino “Kangaroo” Logo

Japanese designer Taku Omura

Bluetooth Logo

Functional Company Logos

Nike “Swoosh” Logo

Logos in Real World

Adobe Acrobat Reader Logo

Functional Company Logo

Toys “R” Us Logo

Functional Logos

Sony PlayStation Logo

Functional Logo

Adidas Logo

3D Printed Logo

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