Giant Nest in Tallinn

Giant Nest in Tallinn

Eye-catching art installation in Tallinn, Estonia is a tower with giant bird’s nest and three large eggs that light up at night to create a mesmerizing glow.

In the heart of Tallinn’s Noblessner Port area, old mast was reimagined into unique art installation known as the “Nest.”

The “Nest” light installation by Velvet was commissioned by real estate developer Merko to bring new life to the urban landscape.

Giant bird’s nest with glowing eggs inspires passersby, especially children, by demonstrating how imagination can transform everyday spaces.

Nest in Tallinn

“Nest” turns a rusted, unused mast into a cool piece of art, enhancing the appeal of the area by making it more inviting for locals and tourists.

Velvet Nest Light Installation

Watch the “Nest” light up the night at Noblessner Port, Tallinn. This beautiful installation symbolizes harmony between nature and urban life.

Nest Light Installation

The concept began with a whimsical drawing by five-year-old Stina Onemar from the Velvet design agency, who envisioned the nest with its trio of eggs.

Velvet Nest

Velvet collaborated with the Estonian lighting design studio UN-LIKE to turn Stina’s imaginative sketch into a reality.

Birds Nest in Tallinn

Crafted from repurposed materials, the installation promotes sustainability and the creative reuse of old industrial objects.

Giant Nest in Estonia

The metal components, painted to complement the rusted mast, are designed to age naturally, blending more seamlessly with their surroundings over time.

Bird’s Nest in Tallinn

Inspired by a child’s drawing, the “Nest” art installation brings whimsy and light to Tallinn nights.

Giant Bird’s Nest in Tallinn

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