Bird’s Nest Bed

Birds Nest Bed

Unusual and creative bed designed by OGE looks like a giant bird’s nest.

Eye-catching “Bird’s Nest Bed” is filled with oversized egg shaped pillows.

Comfortable bed for your bedroom or unique sofa for your living room.

Birdsnest Bed

Birds Nest


Bird Nest


Bird Nest Bed

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  1. Swiper Fox

    The Bird’s Nest Bed must be uncomfortable.
    It may be soft; but it’s bowl-shape does not conform with a human’s body structure which normally sleep on a level surface, such as a regular bed.
    Too many pillows obstruct body movements.

  2. Kathy

    Talk about having the urge to nest! (Just couldn’t resist that one) It’s modern and clever, but getting in and out of it looks risky – I can feel my calves getting bruised and scratched just looking at it – and it doesn’t look very comfortable.

  3. JES

    How the heck do you clean those slats?

  4. Siggynine

    Who has the room in their house for this??? Does this woman own nothing but a nest??? For the same money, I’d rather get a nice mattress, and a comfy recliner.

  5. DJ Nate

    It was made, I believe, to inspire and provoke “sleeping” ideas in your MIND. You don’t always have to stick to the norm and complain about weird stuff.. These WEIRD things that you all complain about are made to INSPIRE. Think out of the box next time please. :D

  6. Schmavis

    I’d be to “Chicken” to purchase it…
    That’s a lot of eggs. Maybe the designer should have studied their ornithology a little better.

  7. RH

    You guys are looking at this all wrong. You hope in that pillow heaven and never leave! I could sleep for months in that bad boy.

  8. Jq

    How much is it and where can I buy it?

  9. Victoria

    Where can I buy one ? Please let me know

  10. Sarah

    That is AWESOME! I’d sell all the furniture in my house just so I can have that!

  11. piper

    Where does she even find those giant eggs?? i want this so bad!!

  12. MogPie

    Oh my god, so cute. My sister has a crib like this for her baby. I want one so bad.

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