Totoro Diorama Night Light

Totoro Diorama Night Light

Beautiful epoxy resin lamp features a heartwarming diorama of Totoro and his friends sitting on a tree branch, capturing an iconic scene from the movie.

Totoro Diorama Night Light by ResinLamp brings the magic of the beloved Japanese animated film, My Neighbor Totoro, into your home.

Can be used as night light, mood lighting, or simply as a decorative piece.

Miniature figures from My Neighbor Totoro animated movie are illuminated from below by LED lights integrated into a wooden base.

Totoro Lamp

The serene scene of Totoro and friends is calming, making it a great addition to a space meant for relaxation and sleep.

Totoro Night Light

Illuminate your nights with the magic of Totoro. This enchanting diorama night light captures Totoro and friends in a heartwarming scene.

My Neighbor Totoro Lamp

Made for fans of My Neighbor Totoro and Studio Ghibli, this lamp is a great collectible that showcases their love for the beloved anime.

Totoro Diorama Lamp

Bring a piece of the forest spirit home with the Totoro Diorama Night Light!

My Neighbor Totoro Night Light

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