Convertible Bag by Maryam Hosseini

Convertible Bag by Maryam Hosseini

Foldable handbag designed to transform into 40 different bags was inspired by the elegant art of origami and the geometric beauty of Iranian architecture.

The Infinite Convertible Bag by Maryam Hosseini is a masterful blend of modern fashion design and functionality.

Made out of 96 pieces of genuine cow leather and 18 no-sew snap metal buttons, each element was laser-cut.

Handbag pieces are assembled on a soft, foldable suede base and sewn together entirely by hand.

In a world of constant change and consumerism, infinite convertible bag offers a more sustainable alternative.

Owners can create new and unique shapes as desired, making the bag a fun puzzle with endless solutions.

Convertible Handbag

Durable leather construction allows the bag to be transformed into at least 40 different shapes, both symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Infinite Convertible Bag

Ability to reshape the bag according to the user’s mood or need encourages a deeper, more personal relationship with the accessory.

Infinite Convertible Handbag

Why choose one style when you can have 40? Embrace innovative fashion with the Infinite Convertible Bag designed by Maryam Hosseini.

Convertible Bag

Unlike other handbags that serve a single purpose, Infinite Convertible Bag can be turned into at least 40 different designs.

Infinite Convertible Bag by Maryam Hosseini

Versatile handbag that meets multiple needs helps combat the fast fashion culture of buying and discarding items quickly.

Maryam Hosseini Infinite Convertible Bag

Infinite Convertible Bag by Maryam Hosseini connects the past, present, and future through its origami inspired geometric design.

Maryam Hosseini Convertible Bag

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