20 Creative and Unusual MP3 Players

Creative and Unusual MP3 Players

Unique MP3 players and creative digital audio players from all over the world.

Puzzle Shaped MP3 Player

Creative puzzle shaped MP3 player from Aigo.

Puzzle Shaped MP3 Player

LEGO Brick MP3 Player

These LEGO-esque MP3 players cleverly conceal their controls into the raised dots on the surface of each block. The players come in a variety of colors, and like their snap-together doppelgangers, are made primarily from plastic.

LEGO Brick MP3 Player

Saint B MP3 Player

Cross shaped MP3 player with up to 13 hours of playtime when fully charged.

Saint B MP3 Player

Mobiblu Nanum MP3 Player

Nanum MP3 Player from Mobiblu transforms from cross to cube.

Mobiblu Nanum MP3 Player

Cassette Tape MP3 Player

MP3 Player built into a standard cassette casing, lets you either use it as a uniquely old school shaped MP3 Player, or with any car cassette or cassette player to play MP3 Music.

Cassette Tape MP3 Player

Oakley THUMP 2 MP3 Sunglasses

The world’s first digital music eyewear is now available in a new design with the option of even greater memory.

Oakley THUMP 2 MP3 Sunglasses

Discreet Pen MP3 Player

This multifunction pen digitally records up to 64 hours using a built in microphone. It can also transfer 2 GB of data and play up to 1000 songs in MP3 or WMA format.

Discreet Pen MP3 Player

Hand Grenade MP3 Player

Functional MP3 player embedded in an old hand grenade.

Grenade MP3 Player

Rubik’s Cube MP3 Player

The way to play music is similar to playing with the Rubik`s cube puzzle. Users can listen to the music while having fun.

Rubiks Cube MP3 Player

Lovers MP3 Player

The interlocking Lovers MP3 players come together to form a single red heart, but can be played separately when you’re apart.

Lovers MP3 Player

Wooden Camera MP3 Player

Handmade wooden MP3 players can play MP3, WMA and OGG files.

Wooden Camera MP3 Player

Lightsaber MP3 Player

The Music Stick MP3 Player is available with a 2GB or 4GB storage and with or without a built-in FM radio feature.

Lightsaber MP3 Player

BenQ Dog Tag MP3 Player

Etched with two different designs (“steel wings” for guys and something called “magic bean” for girls), the 512MB/1GB player has a built-in microSD card slot and comes with a decorative dog tag and metal earphone chain.

BenQ Dog Tag MP3 Player

Minty MP3 Player

Creative do-it-yourself MP3 player comes with a 3.3v boost regulator (for running off of 1 or 2 alkaline or rechargable batteries) and an FM transmitter.

Minty MP3 Player

Swatch Infinity MP3 Player Watch

Sleek wristwatch from Swatch that comes with a built-in mp3 player, video player/recorder and a photo album.

Swatch Infinity MP3 Player Watch

Tactile MP3 Player

Why tactile? Simply because the 5 basic controls necessary to master your music are raised bumps, something like braille.

Tactile MP3 Player

Walletex Wallet MP3 Player

Unusual 4GB wallet sized MP3 player from Walletex.

Walletex Wallet MP3 Player

NES Controller MP3 Player

Learn how to create your own MP3 player from NES controller.

NES Controller MP3 Player

Custom MP3 Player Kit

Design your own MP3 player with this custom kit. It plays MP3 and WMA files, and comes with a USB plug and headphones.

Custom MP3 Player Kit

Soundwave Transformers MP3 Player

In the Transformers Music Label Soundwave MP3 player, the Decepticon skips the CD-Rom generation and leaps right into SD Memory. Pop a 1GB miniSD card filled with MP3s into the center slot and Soundwave will play them in either robot mode or cassette mode.

Soundwave Transformers MP3 Player

Soundwave Transformers MP3 Player 2

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  1. Megan

    Some great designs, but I will stick with my iPod.

  2. cempluk

    a lot of people think creative design now..wonderfull and great..

  3. Attila

    I like them, creative yet simple. Nowadays MP3 players are quite widespread, so here’s another way to be different.

  4. Jef

    That tape one is the coolest solution I’ve ever seen for anyone with a tapedeck in their car. No clutter but a wire from the deck to the lighter power. I don’t know how good the battery is but I could totally imagine popping it into my oldskool blaster and pretending I was cool.

  5. Beezy

    love the transformer, tape deck, lego and nintendo controller.

    i have a thing for old skool toys.

  6. sammy

    Does the pen mp3 player work as an actual pen and an mp3 player? Or is it just a mp3 player?

  7. Ben Lind

    These are really cool! I especially like the cross one – very nice.

  8. Mika

    I myself enjoy the idea of the Soundwave Transformers one :) But most likely I’d never use it lol

  9. danielle

    I would buy the walletex wallet MP3.. probably the coolest mp3 i have seen after the ipod..

  10. Jacky X,j, Hsu

    Gosh! impossible is nothing! I wonder I can fly and then it is.

  11. Chris

    I love NES-Controler player its ROCKS!!!

  12. smokn

    those`re very nice stuff

  13. Steph

    I love all of theses their so cool.
    Where can I get a cross or a grenade one?
    I mean what store??

  14. Tukang Nggame

    all music is wonderful
    but with that player, music more than wonderful

  15. Irishness

    ill stick with my ipod too

  16. stella

    All MPS are so cool.I most appreciated the wood carmer lol.

  17. NiYATi

    Where can i buy them its just too good

  18. dinie

    haha….i have the lightsaber one….bought it early 2009…haha

  19. Niyari

    <3 the sunglasses I’ve been looking for something like them =D

  20. shiva

    this are not only mp3 players but this are design player

  21. crystal

    i kind of like the altods box

  22. jessie

    where can i buy the cassete one and the marble thing? please tell me. thx.

  23. Amy

    my brother has the transformers one.

  24. alina

    so many kinds mp3 players, i love Swatch Infinity MP3 Player Watch, it look likes ipod water box.

    thanks share it, i often read your blogs.

  25. richard

    Where can i get the wooden camera mp3 player?

  26. fab

    It’s very nice and funny .But i like the Lego brick in colors !!!

  27. itunessucks

    Some of these are really nice but need a screen for visual control and mandatory no itunes use.

  28. Big Fan

    So i realy like the cross just wondering where i can get it!!

  29. anna

    I love the Oakley THUMP 2 MP3 Sunglasses

  30. tal

    soooooo cool!

  31. Raads

    wooden camera, hand grenade n sunglasses are THE BEST!!!!!!!

  32. Vencent.S

    Like the Walletex Wallet MP3 Player.

  33. rebeca

    the ribik cube is awesome the original rubik cube is hard to figure out its like imposible!!!!!!

  34. qusai

    I love all of theses their so cool

  35. Lola

    Love the idea’s this is the best website i can find for random items

  36. Jonas

    I like the first one the best! it’s simple yet stylish! love it!

  37. john

    wow!!! they are cool!! :P

  38. kik

    dude this website rules the skull mp3 is my favorite of alltime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  39. goazong13

    Where can i get those?

  40. Shu-Hsuan


  41. HannahJet

    wow these are great, want them all

  42. ryder

    they are cool but mp3 players are going to be the thing of the pass cell phones are taking over if ant this i would love to see a Transformers blue tooth speaker

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