Transparent Speaker

Transparent Speaker

Beautiful speaker with completely transparent enclosure perfectly blends into any living room, recording studio, or office.

Made of high quality components, transparent speaker looks good in your home and produces great sound.

Useful front panel allows easy Bass, Treble, and Volume adjustments.

Connect Airport Express to the back of the speaker and wirelessly play music from your iPhone and other WiFi devices.

Perfect speaker for music lovers who appreciate good design.

Designed in Stockholm, Sweden by People People.


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  1. Cory

    It needs little black conduits between the components to hide the wiring. Loose wires look amateurish and cheap.

  2. Chari

    Or someone could invent clear wiring ^_^

  3. pTc

    Have you not grasped the whole point of it being transparent?

    The wiring is supposed to be seen.

  4. Jury

    1. insulation of wires transparent. See copper. 2. The membrane of the speaker transparent. The transparent plastic as in the greenhouse. Or transparent as the wings of dragonflies. Veins and mica stained glass. When the sound of the wings of dragonflies tremble. 3 in Excess of the task – transparent that you can see the copper coil – movement – gives birth to sound.

  5. yesy

    clear wiring doesn’t solve the issue. The simplest way would be just installing a background-matching color wires.

  6. Kaiser

    I have to agree with Cory.
    I think it could have gone one of two ways: Either hide the wiring so that it looks like the speaker parts are suspended in air (Dont know how that would look though) or if I want to see the inside of something, It would be of lots and lots of circuitry, moving parts, wiring, etc. this one looks like it was in between..Love the concept, maybe just not the execution..

  7. Pete

    Looks cool, probably sounds like a few speakers in a fish tank. No baffling, venting, or other acoustic treatment inside, and instead has a highly reflective surface.

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