Plug Shaped MP3 Player

Plug Shaped MP3 Player

Giha Woo from Korea designed an mp3 player that looks like a power plug.

This design will help eliminate the need for power cables and allow users to plug in their music players directly into regular power sockets.

We think that Apple should contact the designer and use “Plug and Player” concept as an inspiration for the next version of iPod Shuffle.

MP3 Power Plug

Plug MP3 Player

Plug Player

Power Plug MP3 Player

Plug Shaped Player

MP3 Power Plug

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  1. Jorge Vitor

    Very nice idea! I just have one doubt, how can we put our musics into the mp3 player? I haven’t seen any USB port or any other port at all besides the one for the headphones…

  2. Rigel

    I think it uses a wireless connection or a particular lan through the power cable. With an auxiliary battery to cover the two pin it’s perfect :)

  3. Adi

    How big is the AC/DC adapter?

  4. Clare

    Looks pretty neat but I have a feeling that those prongs could easily get broken. Other than that, I guess it’s cool.

  5. Drea

    I think it’s dumb, I only charge my ipod with the USB when I’m loading musice or my ipod speakers, I’ve never used a wall plug.

  6. Elliott

    Not realistic in an international market. You’d have to completely redesign it for each different plug type.

  7. Dom

    For my next trick… an mp3 player shaped like a pair of scissors. what a dumb idea

  8. enav

    what an incredible BAD idea

  9. David

    Yeah, how does one add music to it???? And what about if the prongs get wet? Definitely not a finished product.

  10. Dennis

    Add music to it by the jack-plug connector. Jack-USB cable required.

  11. jesus arenas

    excellent product, if there were no batteries :D

  12. bert

    why do you carry an unnecessary part/weight everywhere you go? The current battery technology is sufficient enough for ipod/iphone to last at least a day…

    okay, i guess only if you are a NORMAL user

  13. Doink

    @everyone who needs to know how to add music: there is a jack-to-USB adaptor that you plug in directly, in the same place as the headphones. A friend at work has a similar player, just like this.

  14. jaydeep

    .. From where we can get it ?

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