Zero Mouse Concept by Oliver Rosito

Zero Mouse Concept by Oliver Rosito

Beautiful computer mouse concept by German designer Oliver Rosito combines state of the art design with lightweight materials.

Zero Mouse Concept by Oliver Rosito 2

Zero Mouse Concept by Oliver Rosito 3

Zero Mouse Concept by Oliver Rosito 4

Zero Mouse Concept by Oliver Rosito 5

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  1. AK

    As someone who grips the sides to move the mouse, I’m afraid function is completely lost with this design for someone like me. It is beautiful though.

  2. Paul Sample

    Yep, I donĀ“t know if t is really functional because I think most of the people grips the sides to move the mouse

  3. Mika

    Yeah I agree; I think its stylish but I’m sure the resulting carpal tunnel would not be as enjoyable :P

  4. navin


  5. WilhelmR

    Side-gripper too, why would anyone rest the palm on the mouse is beyond me :)

    It’s still a nice mouse to look at!

  6. lain

    Yes, side gripper too, but it might suffice to add a thumb rest, it does not have to go all the way down to the bottom I guess, rather some floating resting place, thus it would not destroy the open look and might still be looking great. Were I without thumbs I’d love that design :)

  7. Daniel

    I grip the sides but sort of more towards the top of the sides so this design should be fine for me

  8. Alex

    Everyone “drags” thier mouse around, and your move it in all directions

    To solve the problem they could have placed a transparent plastic…but i didnt design this! :D

  9. mike

    Looks interesting but uses more material than a regular one because of the extra surface area.
    You would need to use lighter materials just to make it as light as an existing mouse. Being cordless the batteries are the biggest problem for weight anyway.

  10. Pablo

    Where I can buy it !!!!
    Is Great…


  11. !!!

    attention designers, we are all fed up of u lot designing things, if you are going to make something cool, make sure you can produce it, how many of u lot here want some of these but cant buy the damn thing, pfft

  12. Ben

    Well, about the non-existing sides: I guess your thumb and pinky can fit in, so you can still get a cool grip on the body.

    The other thing is the weight, youre talkin about. Since it’s not a mouse, specifically designed for laptops, the waight is not essencial. Let’s see a gaming mouse for example, which is the most evolved “mouse” mouse on the market. All of the good gaming mice are designed to be mid-heavy, and you can even adjust weight in them. So I’d say, the weight of this particular mouse doesn’t make it a worse design – since it looks brilliant.

  13. Marvs

    Lets see, no sides, lack of buttons, no space for a battery, no ergonomics at all… like someone said above, I would love to see good designs but with proper functionality…

  14. robert jeffs

    The guy who designed this mouse has wasted space too
    no buttons no battery no weights
    all needed for an excellent gaming mouse

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