Modern Soap and Creative Soap Designs

Modern Soap and Creative Soap Designs

Modern soap and creative soap designs from all over the world.

Soap Leaves

The soap is made through a process in which soap resin is mixed with a secret Thai formula, then hand poured over a dried and cured lattice-like frame of real mango tree leaves to form individual soaps of unmatched exquisiteness.

Soap Leaves

Soap Leaves 2

Sony Playstation Controller Soap

Creative replica soap of a Sony Playstation controller scented with juicy watermelon.

Sony Playstation Controller Soap

Cupcake Soap

None of these are edible, they are all for you bath pleasures!

Cupcake Soap

Soap Mouse

Double click your body to cleanliness with the soap mouse.

Soap Mouse

PB & J Sandwich Soap

Soap that looks and smells like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

PB and J Sandwich Soap

Soap Chair

Finally, soap is exaggerated to the scale of a chair by Nancy Wu.

Soap Chair

Lemon Soap

This creative soap not only looks like a lemon, but it also has the essence of a lemon inside!

Lemon Soap

NES Nintendo Controller Soap

Perfect gift for the old school gamers out there!

NES Nintendo Controller Soap

Ice Cream Bar Soap

Creative soap in the form of an ice cream bar.

Ice Cream Bar Soap


This creative soap allows you to wash your hands with hands.


Rose Soap

Ultra-realistic long stemmed rose soaps can hardly be told apart from the real thing.

Rose Soap

Bacon Soap

Learn how to make your own bacon soap, from actual bacon.

Bacon Soap

Banana Soap

Realistic looking banana shaped soap by Crazy K Bath and Body.

Banana Soap

Hot Cocoa Soap

Creative soap served in an 8-ounce coffee cup. The main scent used is called “hot fudge brownie.”

Hot Cocoa Soap

Domino Soap

Domino Soap

Soap Ring

Creative soap rings from Nancy Wu disappear when they are used.

Soap Ring

Gmail Soap

Unusual Google Gmail “the cleanest soap” from Russia.

Gmail Soap


What is a Soapsicle, you ask? They’re bars of soap that look just like popsicles!


Popsicle Soap


Each LEGO soap set comes with 8 lego soap bricks in each bag. Each soap is scented and colored. There are some that come clear or white.


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  1. isabelle_yang

    delish! :-D

  2. duxinx

    it’s amazing!

  3. WilhelmR

    Baby hands soap ftw! :)

    Lego soap = ouch!

    Nice collection

  4. P.M.

    wow very nice

  5. Ionut Puiu

    WTF! You should consider the risk of somebody eating those ice cream soaps :D

  6. Paul Sample

    Soapsicles!!!! deliciously clean

  7. eleven

    WOW, that’s awesome!
    I love it!

  8. Alik36

    the handsoap are freakin me out

  9. Chaitanya

    The collection is just superb.I have never ever seen such a form of creativity and that too expressed by using things like soap. It’s just amazing to see those hands, LEGO soaps,and all others.Feels like placing order for each one!!!

  10. The Astral Cowboy

    I have always liked novelty soaps, but think that this is probably the most eclectic collection I’ve seen. Wonderful post…you get my Digg.

  11. pisomatoł

    Handsoap – the best

  12. sHz

    Personally I like the lemon one the most. It might not be the most creative among all those fancy soaps, but it’s nicely done (especially in means of realism) and… well, I guess I just like lemons, duh. :)

  13. Jef

    the leaves are stunningly beautiful. can’t even believe they’re soap. the hands are creepy.

  14. Mniya

    i find all very cute!

  15. JoshDTS

    I’ve often dreamed of bathing in bacon.

  16. Lilb792


  17. Alice

    FYI, the gmail soap is a pun. In Russian, “soap” is slang for “email”.

  18. Kavya

    Awesome soaps! cool collection!

  19. cheezeflicker

    3 points:
    a) i wouldnt use the hand soap, it scares me
    b) why would you want bacon soap?
    c) i like the leaves and the soap mouse

  20. Bogdan

    Gmail soap hahaha awesome!

  21. nevermint

    i think soap shouldn’t looks so tasty. It’s dangerous, specially for children.
    For me, the greatest are leaves and rose-ring.
    And, bouquet of roses will looks great in the bathroom :)

  22. Irishness

    cool! i like gmail soap, icy poles and the leaves + the roses are cool

  23. Nicole


  24. Transguide

    Soap lemon, mmm..

  25. Abbbby :)

    coooool. :D

  26. Zulaiha

    It’s very Creative and beautiful, especially the soap RINGS!!! =B

  27. canan

    i like the lemone but the others also nice

  28. Mona

    Gmail soap!!!
    tnx for sharing.

  29. kalpna

    Jst toooooooooooooooo good, amazing. I wudn’t like to use them.

  30. bayilik

    creative collections but not for washing.Because they are very nice. :)

  31. vixca

    nice work!!

  32. Ala

    so nice :)

  33. indah

    so beautiful and creatife…. :)

  34. cam

    wow, the rose soap could be insanely romantic…

    love them all

  35. Carlos:)

    The handsoap, cupcakee,
    And the hot chocolatee soap…..

    Pretty pimpp:D

  36. solostand

    In GMail there is play upon words. “Soap” in Russian is “Mylo” which is also slang name for “mail”.

  37. Diana

    Very talented, not easy work at all!
    They all did a wonderful job-Bravo

  38. Paulien

    I once were in a shop where they sold thousands of different cupcake-looking soaps. I first thought they were real cupcakes!

  39. ashish bakraniya

    i like your soap making ideas like a ring soap and meny more

  40. soap

    Handsoap predend to look funny but for somebody it could loooks a little bit scary. especially if someone remember about nazi idea of making soap with people’s fat. brr..

  41. Julie

    this is awesmomely cool but why the heck does it look tasty???????????
    but anyways this is really really cool!!!!!!!!

  42. janet

    the banana is nice!!!

  43. Clona

    i want them.

  44. Troy

    the Handsoaps is kinda CREEPY and is FREAKIN mw out!

  45. ChEeSe

    awwwwwww the baby hands were adorable!! i want those:)

  46. 0803060.e

    the leaves soap looks so life like

  47. Dyohna

    A great practical joke would be to put those popsicles in your freezer without anyone knowing and then offering people some.

  48. Mona

    I want to eat thems

  49. Eric

    Love the hand soap. Crazy and freaky!

  50. pooja

    i love all of them.. but the chair soap must be so easy 2 break.. the Gmail 1 looks super cool

  51. Michelle

    the gmail soap says something in russian you know how i know cause im russian and i can read it. SOOOO YOLO (you only live once)! by the way all of them are cool.

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