Clever and Creative Tea Packaging

Clever and Creative Tea Packaging

Clever tea packaging and creative tea bag designs from all over the world.

Cigarette Tea Bags

Cigarettea are creative tea bags that look just like real cigarettes. [more]

Cigarette Tea Bags

Ineeka Tea Bags

Cool tea bags that have paper arms on the sides that fold out in order to make them into a single-use filter.

Ineeka Tea Bags

tPod Tea Bags

Small paper boats attached to tea bags by Elisabeth Soós.

tPod Tea Bags

Tea Forté

Tall polyhedral infuser tea packs by Peter Hewitt, each with a disarmingly natural-looking leaf/sprout tag.

Tea Forte

Tea Stick

Cool tea bags designed for people who do not make their tea in a kitchen: gardeners, builders and campers.

Tea Stick

T Bag

Example of literal design applied to a tea bag by Felix Reinki.

T Bag

Tea To Go Sticks

Tea bags are attached inside of the tea stick so there is no need to use the spoon for stirring.

Tea to-go Sticks

Maum Tea Bags

Cool tea bag designs look like people with different personalities. [more]

Maum Tea Bags

Tea Stick Stirrer

Designed by Lee Yun Qin, tea sticks can also act as a stirrer, allowing the user to enjoy the tea through stirring it easily.

Tea Stick Stirrer

Lighting Tea Bag

Cool light concept by Wonsik Chae imitates the form of a tea bag. [more]

Lighting Tea Bag

Hanger Tea

Creative tea bags by Soon Mo Kang are shaped like T-shirts with a hanger that hangs on the tea cup.

Hanger Tea

Herbal Tea Bags

Clever tea bags designed to associate tea with a healthy lifestyle. [more]

Herbal Tea Bags

Origami Tea Bags

Creative tea bags designed by Natalia Ponomareva from Russia. [more]

Origami Tea Bags

For more inspiration, check out: Cool and Unusual Packaging

  1. unDave

    Neat, xcept for the hanging man, over all very creative.

    -by unDave™

  2. Jasmyn

    I love the creativity! Inspiration on a string.

  3. Chris

    Now these are great! So many practical designs, especially the tea sticks!

  4. ajayjshah

    Agreed, the practicality of these designs is definitely there. Some very creative and clever concepts. Overall, quite an amazing post.

  5. Megan

    Love all of them!!! People should drink more tea instead of coffee.

  6. primi

    Interesting… out of the box thinking…

  7. Sam

    They need to have bunch of that last one at the Twitter HQ. haha ;)

  8. charlemagne

    Some really excellent ideas, the tea sticks and the cigarettea are my favourites.

  9. BestofStumbleupon

    Awesome. I love the cigarettea :) would totally suck to confuse it with the real thing. :P

  10. M

    I dont think the tea stick stirrer is going to work very well.

  11. Critical Eye

    Lots of good stuff here. But the Cigarettea seems a little gross… the idea of drinking something a cigarette was in! (I know, it’s tea, but the visual is just off-putting.) The Hanger Tea is interesting, but the packaging is pretty impractical… there’s no way the tea bags would stay on the rod during shipping, and the box looks very fragile.

  12. Joas


  13. Benoy Thapa

    Wow such creativeness. The tea world is really getting innovative. Thanks for the share.

  14. Carol

    All very cute – well almost all – agree with critical eye – cigarette one NOT for me. Still I love my whole leaf tea. I love watching them unfurl into a wonderful brew. With bags you don’t know what you are really getting.

  15. Jason Tweed

    These are some fantastic packaging. I particularly like the origami swans. I’m a fan of packaging that reflects the culture of the place the tea is grown.

    My tea company, Kungaloosh, has taken a different approach. Our tea bags are minimalist. We try to be earth friendly.

    While the presentations here are terrific, I find some of them rather wasteful.

    At our company we offer some unique containers with your first purchase of tea, then refill bags of loose leaf or tea bags.

    We also tried to add value by teaching our customers about the tea and the culture from which it comes. There are other ways to add value besides creative packaging.

  16. avisioncame

    A bunch of stupid over the top concepts trying to improve the simplest of tried-and-true things.

  17. itsbrandnew

    all of these are pretty cool!

  18. TuMama

    This stuff is so pussified. Seriously, this stuff probably costs 5 times more than a regular ol’ teabag and you’re still getting the same damn thing. Get over yourselves.

  19. myles

    any new product that produces more waste than an existing product is on my no-buy list. cute is nice. cute and green is better.

  20. Roland Petrov

    I hope the tea is as exotic as the designs!

  21. Hashim

    TuMama you stole my words lol, often in supermarket just look for those fancy ketchup bottles they cost more than regular ketchup bottles yet with less quantity. Don’t know who buys them, same thing applies here.

  22. Veronica

    These ideas are creative and are targeting people who are bored with the same old thing all the time. There is always room for improvement on simple things to spice things up a bit. What flavor are the cigarette tea bags?

  23. Rinette

    Totally love each one! Would love to have the opportunity to share some of these with my friends!!
    Very cool!!

  24. Ve8

    These concepts are targeting people who embrace creativity. Creative ideas gives us alternatives to the same old thing. Appreciate new ideas.

  25. Pieter

    but… but……

    I’m a coffee drinker. DAMN!!

  26. jeteye

    OMG, these are so incredibly clever and creative. Wow, very cool uses for tea. I cannot determine which is my favorite, but NOW I have some cool gift ideas!!

  27. annie

    There is much to be said for delight.

  28. Katrina Gibson

    Very creative!

  29. Moa

    Still waiting for teabags that look like tampons.

  30. ScoJo

    These are great. Now if someone would just do the one design we’re all thinking. OK, not all of us.

  31. asma

    so cute n clever ^_^
    but where can i buy them from ? in Kuwait ?

  32. crystal


  33. Julia A Apps

    just love the imagination and awesome possibilities!

  34. Ozonar

    Wonderful! Yay!~

  35. finnashe

    Wow!!! LOVE those origami tea bags!!!How cool!

  36. passang

    I salute the creativeness…never seen such teas in my life…i wonder how they taste :P

  37. Mandi Neill

    Cute!. I want some.

  38. Jordana

    Cool concepts! The one that doubles as a spoon is very practical.

  39. dot2822

    Absolutely love these! “Beauty is in the details.”

  40. Designzzz

    Nice !!

  41. Jude

    Love it, especially love the tea whisk!

  42. Joe

    sooo… as someone pointed out earlier, most of these are rather wasteful, aren’t they?
    i mean, with all that creativity at hand, you’d expect some more ideas for reusable… err… teabagging concepts…

  43. kelly

    WOW! that is sweeeeeet, i want all of them please!

  44. dagi

    everything looks interesting :) except this cigarette :| cigarette in water doesn’t smell good…

  45. Bex

    Loose leaf tea is much better than anything in a bag.
    I agree they are very wasteful. They look nice but I would take a pot of good loose leaf tea any day!

  46. G

    the literal translation of smoking cigarettes from turkish is drinking cigarettes. sigara(cigarett) icmek(to drink)

    overall very nice designs.

  47. Lucia

    I love creative people! And this designs are so nice!!

  48. Dave

    Cool stuff, made me thursday

  49. theodore conrad jr

    even though my teeth are falling out lacking care i still have my evening tea and tv sugar,milk

  50. Funny

    Really funny designs. Awesome…

  51. Susan Tate

    M’k. Know how you’ll have a really crappy period in life? I looked at these and they made me happy. WTH? Being a designer, I relish the brilliance of other designers. Thanks, whomever, for the sunshine. VERY cool.

  52. basvn

    hahahah great :D

  53. Zane

    While they’re impractical for every day use, I could see these being used in little get-togethers with friends and family. What awesome designs, I love the creativity put into every day common objects to make them look as good as they taste.

  54. Cafe Racer

    I love the little guys hangin’ off the side of the tea cup! Awesome!!

  55. Frances

    where’s sharky??

  56. Lutfi

    Those are very creative and great way to enjoy a cup of tea. like it!

  57. prinz

    kinda unique n ori in approach … pretty cool

  58. pony

    amusing ,i hope thea is as good as the design . i like the swan.

  59. Chris Martin

    My wife loves this.


  60. Ricklb

    Cigarettea! Funny stuff…. now I can do both at once…Haha!

  61. Merly

    tea is cigarrete pretty bad i hate it ,take more teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  62. Heloise

    Nice, some are really practical :-)

  63. Murray

    I think I have found exactly what I need for my next tea party.

  64. mrpooper

    Creative stuff. I don’t drink tea, but might start walking around with a cup just to be seen.

  65. taner okutan

    One more time.
    I like tea !

  66. Denise

    Love those tea bags, in particular the hanger and the origami… the cigarette, not so much

  67. Christina

    Love the Ineeka! Makes loose leaf easier to brew!

  68. Valente

    I think the ciggarette tea bag idea is awesome! It will probably make a smoker light up every time he has tea lol!

  69. Merav Cat Lover

    Great designs. They would make wonderful little gifts for tea drinkers. Also they would all go over great in a small cafe that wants to be different. Of course for every day drinking it would be way to pricey. A one kilo box or a 100 bag box of tea is the thing to buy.

  70. tuby

    loved it! hanger tea is my favorite…fabulous, who would have thought of thosee:)

  71. topcat

    Why don’t you just put tea leaves in a creative vessel? Teabags are for jerks who think herbal tea is the same thing as Camellia sinensis.

    That said, the cigarettes are certainly the coolest from a design perspective. Genuinely creative. The rest are just :blah:

  72. Max

    where can i buy this over internet ?

  73. whiteb0ard

    Interesting…if see it, i will buy it…

  74. Som

    Some very creative ideas…and to think that I still drink tea in a traditional cup, steeped the traditional way.

  75. Kristi

    My stepmother gave me tea bags that open like flowers. I haven’t wanted to use them yet. Maybe when Spring comes.

  76. Carlos

    Clever tea packaging…my favorites are the lighting tea bags and the origami tea bags.

  77. maria

    i will like to know were i can buy these bags or designs for my teas. thanks you, maria

  78. Adana W.

    Awesome post. I love the CigaretTea. As a smoker, I always look for ways to be even weirder. That oughtta do it.

  79. Benjamin Koshkin

    Really cool stuff.

    Benjamin Koshkin

  80. James

    Wow, very nice. I’d love to have some of these! I do enjoy my tea!

  81. @Thinkstock

    These are very clever, and makes drinking tea all the more fun!

  82. Grover

    Reminds me of the junky pieces of plastic that boxed cereal manufacturers use to motivate kids to purchase the equally junky product. Come on people, grow up. Do you really need all that dubious packaging to enjoy a cuppa?

  83. Hamisuto

    Wow….I like it…..I want a one more tea please…..

  84. ben

    cool nice to see some creativity! ;)

  85. jason

    I never could have though up all these ideas – cool concepts.

  86. Granmeri

    As someone who has wanted to thump nitwits who quench their butts in cups or saucers, I think that the CigaretTea is absolutely hilarious!! !How many of you humorless folk who are worried about that product being offputting have checked on your own habits lately–sometimes being too tightly wound to see the humor is offputting!

  87. agnes

    how can i get the t-shirt hanger ones?

  88. Gavin

    Not sure about the cigarettea! People in your office would think you’re a slight oddball walking around with a cigarette dunked in your cuppa.
    Nice ideas though.
    Although it isn’t as outlandish as perhaps these are – see what you think to the design of Vitalife’s new tea tins.

  89. Immobilier

    I love the cigaretea !

    But I don’t know what confusion is better : smoking one or infusing a real cigarette ?

  90. debbiechoo

    This is so beautiful! =) nice. I love finding cool items like this.

  91. nick


    well someone’s gotta say it… this is a whole page about teabagging

  92. steve otieno

    It is great to see people work round to modernise the tea industry, may be this will attract the youth to tea.
    I am impressed with Tea Forte and Tea Hanger. These are quite creative designs. The cigarette one is out obviously!

  93. Steve

    A few of these have a relaxing vibe to them which, I think, go hand in hand with the act of drinking tea …

  94. Jenny Hones

    Very creative and fun! Although I think the packaging would cost more than the actual tea, it would make a fun gift to start a conversation. For everyday drinking, loose tea is just better quality tea.

  95. yayaya

    I’m not a fan of tea but the tea bags are so creative! Very nice.

  96. Daniel White

    Cigarette tea….sounds gross. :(

  97. memur

    im fan of tea. and i like those designs

  98. John

    I am glad I dont like tea because if I did, I would drink tea…………….and I dont.

  99. Hush


    All over the world fancy packs such as these are been done, but does any body realize the tea is not from that Origin !!!

    They say “ENGLISH TEA” but their is no tea in England, etc……

    FYI…, most of the tea comes from SRI LANKA, INDIA, KENYA and VIETNAM. So why not buy directly from the Origin at a cheaper price ? MUCH BETTER PACKING!!!

    something to think about….

  100. memurlar

    Cigarette, I don’t like it

  101. kat

    love the last one i want it!! XD

  102. THE GHOST


  103. Den

    That is awesome ideas!

  104. JERRIN

    Wow !! can i use these designs for work ?

  105. Larissa

    Hi. I am from Colombia.
    I love the tea bags!!!
    Its posible to import them???

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