Chocolate Bar Refrigerator Magnet

Chocolate Bar Refrigerator Magnet

Refrigerator magnet that looks and feels like a real chocolate bar. As an added bonus, you can even break it into 15 individual pieces.

Chocolate Refrigerator Magnets 2

Chocolate Refrigerator Magnets 3

Chocolate Refrigerator Magnets 4

Chocolate Refrigerator Magnets 5

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  1. Realizzazione Siti Web Bologna

    …that’s funny!

  2. Jerry del Pozo

    lol, that’s crazy!

  3. wtyang24

    made out of “special wax”, eh? hmm does that mean i can heat the sides to melt the pieces back together?

  4. Ricardo Williams

    haha, my friends would end up trying to eat it

  5. Fred

    I’d first feed it to my neighbor’s cat to see what happens.

  6. Julie

    Aw! That’s so cool!

  7. Jaqi Mugo

    Yuuummmmyyy! There’s a God! :D

  8. Amit Basu

    Thats a wonderful idea!

  9. oi web designer

    nice Chocolate

  10. K

    awesome! the only problem i have is that my friends are gonna come over and try to eat them..

  11. suye

    awesome. just want eat it!!!

  12. Anaska

    Gret idea! If children are at home, this ‘chocolate’ may be harmful…

  13. jo

    pretty good, sharp

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