Self-Driving Car

Self-Driving Car

Autonomous car designed by Google drives itself and safely takes people to their destination.

Laser radar constantly scans the road and controls the self-driving car.

It does not have a steering wheel or gas / brake pedals.

Simply push a button and the car will take you where you want to go!

Google Self-Driving Car

Self-Driving Cars

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  1. Douglas

    The future is now. Google is the next GM? Between electric and autonomous the big carmakers better look out!!

  2. Jordi

    Removed everything for driving except the rearviews? Not much sense right?

  3. Thunder


    Maybe there are scanners in the rearview mirrors? Or maybe it’s a psychological thing to make the people inside feel safe?

    Anyway if this car is as perfect as it seems, then why not make it possible for the seats to be turned into a bed? Would be great for long drives. Sure there are many safety concerns but with this kind of technology you should outside of the industry standards and come up with radical changes in transportation and infrastructure.

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