Hollow Desk by SUNRIU Design

Hollow Desk by SUNRIU Design

Ergonomic office desk with hollow design ensures that your hands are at the optimal height, reducing strain and discomfort during long hours of work.

Hollow Desk designed by SUNRIU promises to elevate the workspace experience by keeping your hands at the perfect height.

Sunken area is formed within the desk’s surface, delicately sculpted to cradle your hands as you engage with your daily tasks.

Desk made out of plywood includes designated spots for essentials and commonly used tools, optimizing workflow and minimizing clutter.

SUNRIU Design Desk

Hollow design is centered around the user’s needs, prioritizing comfort, organization, and efficiency to enhance the overall work experience.

Jing-Cyuan Tang Hollow Desk

Hollow Desk by Jing-Cyuan Tang

Hollow Desk by SUNRIU

SUNRIU Hollow Desk

Hollow Office Desk

Hollow Desk

SUNRIU Design Hollow Desk

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