14 Modern Teapots and Kettle Designs

14 Unusual Teapots and Kettle Designs

Collection of modern teapots and unusual kettle designs that will look great in any kitchen.

Creativi*tea Kettle

Beautiful kettle design by Sarina Fiero is inspired by the warm and comforting feeling that tea-drinking brings to those who partake.

Creativi-tea Kettle

ONE Kettle

This modern kettle is designed to both boil and serve, enabling a simpler, more direct user experience. Decorative patterns are applied with thermochromic ink, which become visible as the water boils.

ONE Kettle

Lazy Teapot

Creative teapot for people that do not like the chore of actually picking up a teapot and pouring the hot water into a cup.

Lazy Teapot

Qp Kettle

Square kettle design by Russian designer Andrey Vostrikov. Its unusual shape makes the teapot look customized, like beautiful custom tea packaging used by modern tea brands.

Qp Kettle

Spin Kettle

Based on the idea of keeping a stable center of gravity, the user pours, not by tipping the kettle, but by sliding a switch to activate a mechanism that tips the spout forward to pour, creating a delightful motion.

Spin Kettle

VERA Electric Kettle

Electric kettle VERA by Casa Bugatti complements your relaxation time with elegance and technical innovation.

VERA Electric Kettle

nio Kettle

Designed by Oliver Hemming, this elegant stainless steel kettle is suitable to be put on all types of stove except Induction cookers.

nio Kettle

Peugeot Kettle

Sleek electric kettle designed by Dmitry Gontarev, a first year Transport and Product Design student at Coventry University.

Peugeot Kettle

Turtle Tea Kettle

Made from ceramic, this kettle features a side window that lets you check the water levels. The handle and timer cap is made out of a heat resistant phenolic plastic, making them easy to handle when hot.

Turtle Tea Kettle

Terrorist Teapot

This unique tea set includes the teapot and the balaclava tea cosy.

Terrorist Teapot

Zygo Teapot

Delicate yet sturdy ceramic frame of this teapot embraces the stainless steel sphere in an engaging juxtaposition of form, surface, and material.

Zygo Teapot

Sorapot Teapot

Beautiful teapot designed by Joey Roth. Sorapot’s architectural shape and simple functionality bring tea’s quiet beauty into sharp focus.

Sorapot Teapot

Cortina Electric Kettle

Stylish electric kettle from Japanese brand Metaphys.

Cortina Electric Kettle

Cigno Teapot

Unusual teapot by Adam Hammerman is shaped like a bird.

Cigno Teapot

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  1. Sachawinter

    Beautiful designs, the Spin Kettle makes me a little nervous though…

  2. Teehee!

    Terrorist teapot! I could not help but laugh when I saw that! XDD

  3. Savitha

    Beautiful designs . Especially love the designs by Joey Roth.

  4. Kikishua

    The Lazy Kettle would also be really good for someone with arthritis.

    The Zygo teapot is just drop-dead-gorgeous.

  5. Numanul Subhani

    Love the Creativi*tea Kettle and ONE kettle designs….

    Cortina Electric Kettle is also geart design idea…

  6. Numanul Subhani

    Love the Creativi*tea Kettle and ONE kettle designs….

    Cortina Electric Kettle is also geart design idea…
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  7. Tyrone

    In many cultures a teapot is one of the most prized possessions. These designs demonstrate the utmost respect to an incredibly useful object.

  8. Josh

    This website needs a store link. I want to buy most of these teapots.

  9. yknot

    I collect Teapots & any of these would make a fine addition to my collection!

  10. biz

    Interesting designs of teapots. I must have some of them.

  11. paintbot

    the Qp kettle looks like a bin. great post!

  12. Kaiser

    it’s so great here, I’m the first time be here, where can buy these teapts.

  13. Stuart

    Some interesting designs here, though I must ask the question about the trap that most teapots fall into – will it dribble?

  14. Jaqi Mugo

    Spin kettle looks tricky…

  15. Stranger

    can someone describe to me how the spin kettle works :S

  16. Sammy

    i hate all

  17. iclal from turkey

    so interesting desings!!! how can we buy @ sell them???

  18. carlie

    the terrorist tea pot is hillarious. i would like to have it on my alice in wonderland table.

  19. Cin

    A terroist teapot? What’s next, Al Qeuda bakeware?

  20. Jenny Johnson

    Very nice products. The designs are really modern.

  21. David

    Nice collection, but it would useful to make clear which teapots are available for purchase and which are design projects. You should do a roundup of cool teacup designs.

  22. Mr Allen

    Great resource for my yr10 product design students!

  23. xiaoling

    Excellent design! When the inspiration brink,some idea comes true.

  24. Raads

    @ Sammy, what have they done to you?

  25. Rupali

    awesome. each piece an work of art. i m a teapot & kettle collector. have 175 collections. i wd love to own them all. is it possible.

  26. Darragh55555

    these are great
    they will do very well for my art coursework

  27. KURT

    A great step is obvious for the future

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