12 Unusual and Creative Home Theaters

12 Unusual and Creative Home Theaters

Creative home theater designs inspired by classic movies and TV shows.

Batcave Home Theater

Beautiful home theater created by Elite HTS for a Batman fanatic.

Batcave Home Theater

Star Wars Home Theater

This cool home theater belongs to two Start Wars super-fans Vic Wertz and Lisa Stevens. Walk into the room and follow the backlit floor to either the left or the right. Both paths take you through automated sliding doors.

Star Wars Home Theater

Stargate Home Theater

This creative home theater features the iconic round “Stargate” as the frame for the screen that is 10 feet in diameter.

Stargate Home Theater

Pirates of the Caribbean Home Theater

The walls include scenes from the ride as well as the movie trilogy. In addition, the room is scattered with pirate themed items that were bought from Disney directly or built by hand.

Pirates of the Caribbean Home Theater

Sci-Fi Home Theater

Home theater filled with sci-fi animatronics that will have you jumping out of your seat.

Sci-Fi Home Theater

Scarface Home Theater

Designed by Crown Audio, this poolside home theater has a giant screen and uses 8 large speakers, concealed as rocks.

Scarface Home Theater

Outdoor Poolside Home Theater

Terminator Home Theater

Cyberdyne Cinema was designed from a concept of the old-time sci-fi and horror movie sets. Aside from the obvious Terminator connection, the room also includes a life-sized Darth Vader and other sci-fi memorabilia.

Terminator Home Theater

Star Trek Home Theater

Amazing $3,000,000 Star Trek themed home theater designed by Electronic Systems Consultants.

Star Trek Home Theater

Matrix Home Theater

Genesis Audio was approached by a client who requested a home theater based on the movie The Matrix, and this is what they created.

Matrix Home Theater

Nautilus Home Theater

Unique home theater inspired by the Nautilus submarine from Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Nautilus Home Theater

Titanic Home Theater

The dome in this home theater was inspired by Titanic. Its 1,230 fiber-optic light strands give the effect of a starry night sky.

Titanic Home Theater

Indiana Jones Home Theater

Prop replicas from the Indiana Jones movies are placed throughout this custom home theater.

Indiana Jones Home Theater

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  1. Sachawinter

    This makes my projector on a white wall in the basement looks pretty meek!

  2. @kenop

    Nice, but I prefer the simpler layouts that aren’t so distracting. When you’re actually watching the movie you dim the lights anyway. I do love the “stars” in one of those pics though.. would love to know how that’s done.

  3. Aussen

    Most of these are done in quite bad taste…

  4. Aussen

    Most of these are done in quite bad taste…
    BTW I love your blog!

  5. mr. biz

    @ aussen
    let’s see you do something better and more creative

  6. Alzimmer

    These rooms are cool, full immersion into the movie guaranteed. Maybe not all movies though. Need to go a friend with another room to see a different type of movie.

  7. Mandy

    @mr. Biz

    Wouldn’t take much – just being original.

    These are great though, for themed theaters…

  8. Derek

    @Mr. Biz,

    One doesn’t have to have the ability to do something to judge it based on good taste or talent.

    A few are cool. A few are a bit on the tacky side..

  9. Chrisalys

    Kinda kitsch…

  10. Jef

    scarface and titanic are really nice. don’t care much for the rest.

  11. JamesLucas

    Hard to tell with the image resolution, but I like how deep the Nautilus ceiling looks. You can imagine lots of mechanical guts up there.

  12. Itakru

    The only thing I see is what would you do for the TV if it rained unexpectedly in the Scarface one? I imagine they cover it, or at least I would hope so.

    I would love to design a room like the Indiana Jones home theater. :] Not my own home theater, but just a normal room. My favorites were the Titanic, the Scarface, and the Star Trek rooms, and I like the idea used in the Stargate one where apparently you view the movie through the gate. :] Really nifty.

  13. Mandy

    OMG. Soooo want the Scarface one!

  14. gern

    Man, that’s money well spent.

  15. Rich

    Most of these are amazing. Sci-fi seems to be the theme of the day. Also noticed that those who say they don’t like these do lean toward the non-scifi rooms. It’s ok if you don’t like science fiction but you have to admit that a few of those like the Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and Nautilus are done very well. If you were a designer and your client said they wanted a Star Trek themed room you couldn’t do anything better. I have to also disagree with many of you about the Scarface one, it’s great but it’s not a theater room. All the others could be build in almost any home. The Scarface on the hand is all about the amazing pool, backyard, and lake behind. It is impossible for that to ever work in my backyard, but I could turn my living room or garage into any of the others.

  16. Jaqi Mugo

    Scarface! <3 <3 <3

  17. Jack

    the first one, the stars one and the titanic ones are the best. everything else = tacky…except maybe the star trek one…cuz i’m a trek fan!!!!!!! :) The nautilus one reminds me of the xbox game bioshock…think i’d be really freaked out in that room.

  18. Classic University

    GREAT SITE!! I love the the batcave!!!!!!

  19. delere

    I’d like to know how the stars on the ceiling are done as well. Some are kinda cool, but most are on the tacky side.

  20. Eighties

    These are so cool, I like the Pirates and the Titanic ones the best.

  21. Blaze

    i want one!!!

  22. Kayla

    Oh my god, the Star Trek one -droooool-

  23. Rii

    They’re all tacky as hell, but y’know, in a good way..

  24. sai

    what happens if you want to watch indiana jones in the star wars theater?

  25. Dan

    OMG. Im torn between the stargate and the star wars home theaters. i want both :(. love the article.

  26. Ev

    DUDE! These are amazing! But most of them seem to be missing the best part of a home theater: sofas. Screw individual chairs. How can you make out with someone who’s 5 feet away? Ya. Not easy.

  27. robb

    scarface HT makes them all puny.

  28. dudeman

    How about a home theater designed like a… theater?

  29. Jake

    Well… My Theater got Gold Prize… So ha… Although these look pretty cool…

  30. Freemen Mars

    those “stars” are really rather easy to do… all you need is a drop ceiling and a whole bunch of very heavy gage fishing line or fiber optic cable. you run all the lines to one central point and then place a lamp enclosure at the bundles end the rest you pnuch through the ceiling and then cut flush turn on lamp and instant “stars”

  31. StarLite

    Either use fiber optic cable as mentioned above, or a load of christmas lights strands, find some with the smallest lights possible and let them poke through a black cloth ceiling.

  32. Cameron

    I want that Bat Cave.

  33. Alex

    Some people have way too much time on their hands…

  34. Robert

    I feel like these could very easily be photoshopped. Either way, thanks…

  35. daily beard

    I’m certain these elaborate home theaters bring the owners many hours of uninterrupted enjoyment. It’s hard to imagine they could have spent the money in a way that would have benefited them more.

  36. cauck

    pathetic – typical examples of over indulgence of self centered egotistical pricks. think of how much that money could have truly helped a meaningful cause. not socialistic, but invested in someway to enrich more than the 18 people that will ever see or use these individually. pathetic

  37. Mike

    Pretty cool. I built my own Trek theater. I think I can compete. It is really fun to do.

  38. kadal

    “saw” home theatre would be great

  39. Mark

    These are a step in the right direction. A lot of DIY here, or stuff done by contractors. A professional fabricator would go a long way here.

    We work with them all the time for our theme park and museum work, and are looking to do a theater of that quality for the right client.

  40. maxie

    all i can is the sci-fi stuff i loved it thnks fr putting a smile on my face

  41. Thomas Craig Consulting

    Wish I had the cash to build one of these theaters. Very cool.

  42. samkinkel

    yeah I probably go with the star trek one! That was my favorite.

  43. coryangen

    How is there not a Jurassic Park themed theater?

  44. 1001100x02


    Do I detect a hint of jealousy?

    If I had the money, I’d do the same.

    Anyway, I think they are fantastic, and being a Trek, Star Wars, Stargate fan, I don’t know which theme I liked the most.

    I’d love to see a Doctor Who based home theater, especially based on the set from the 1975 – 76 seasons with the polished wood console room with the stained glass roundels….or the 5th doctor console room which first appeared in the 20th anniversary special, “The Five Doctors.”

  45. rebeca

    you’d have to be a millionaire to own one of those lol!!!!!

  46. Haley

    I want the pool one so cool

  47. ChEeSe

    ive always wanted a home theater! i love the pool one! swim and watch! AMAZING:)

  48. jaquan

    That Batman is off the chain….i gotta use that as a movie theatre idea when i get my house…..!!

  49. steven

    people sent a hell of a lot of money and time in these theaters, but whats the point if youre JUST gonna wach moovies in them and say youre in the Star Wars one and youre waching Iron Man or somthing, Youde look like an idiot.

    P.S. I wonder if you can hook those things up to a gaming console???

  50. Jamie Northrup

    Love the Batman one, specially the seats and the screen cover with the Batman emblem.

  51. Lyndisenia

    Scarface and Batcave are my faves!

  52. Jonny


    Yes, likely the XBox, Sony Playstation, or Wii will connect to their systems via an HDMI cable or a component connection. The XBox is used for the majority of the time in our theater. Not just for games either – Netflix, Hulu Plus, TVersity, or even the old DVDHD player. Modern Warfare Black Ops on the big screen in 1080p with a sniper rifle is epic!

    We get more use out of our theater room than our pool and it is definitely a lot cheaper than a pool.

    I want the stars effect in ours!

  53. Traveler

    @ Cauck

    When u are a celebrity and can’t go anywhere w/o the world getting in your face and love movies, this is what you do to create a world away from the one you are a prisoner from.

    It’s clear you’ve never had any real celebrity status and the money that can be attached or been friends with those who are pasted in the tabloids daily. While I never feel sorry for a person who can buy a ferrari on a whim, they can never be free like you and i to experience freedom of peace.

    When all the world wants your money your scrutinized even when you do give…

    I don’t have money like that but I work with those who do.

    I’m not here to lecture … Just give texture and offer another side to those we sometimes wish we could be or have the means they have.

  54. Traveler

    I like the pirates and bat cave personally. However my favorite is the one that’s bought and paid for and gives me enjoyment in my basement. Simple 40″ Samsung w average 5.1 Sony surround sound and a couch w frig next to it. It’s wanting what u have not having what u want….
    Perhaps that’s what Cauck was trying to convey.
    Peace out movie nuts!

  55. HannahJet

    Batcave one rules <3

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