Survival Kit

Survival Kit

Breathing apparatus powered by nature will help you survive in polluted zones and places with bad air quality.

“Voyage on the Planet” – self-contained survival breathing kit designed by Chih Chiu recycles the oxygen produced by a single green plant.

Chiu Chih Survival Kit

Chih Chiu

Chih Chiu Voyage on the Planet

Breathing Apparatus

Chih Chiu Plant

Chih Chiu Breathing Apparatus

Voyage on the Planet

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  1. pom

    I suggest that the plant be “mint” so the aroma will will enhance the the polluted air that enters through the poorly fitting facemask and bypasses the plant. Give me a proper air facemask with hepa filters.

  2. John

    I get what they’re trying to do here, but it does make me wonder: Does anyone actually know just how much “plant” you need in order to convert CO2 into O2… at the same rate as a person converts O2 to CO2? (I have a feeling it takes WAY more than a single ficus-in-a-backpack, knowhaddimean? I’m thinking it’s more like a small section of forest.) Seems if it were possible, astronauts & deep sea divers wouldn’t prefer to carry limited-supply oxygen tanks, right? NASA would only have to worry about keeping a couple Chia Pets alive in the International Space Station, right?

  3. John

    …and while I’m thinking about it, there should be some kind of a check-valve somewhere to make sure your exhaled air always goes out one tube, and your inhaled air always comes in from the other tube. (Otherwise, you just keep breathing the same column of air with every breath, until you suffocate.)
    The other thought is that you might need some kind of bellows on that otherwise rigid, acrylic backpack. It’s tough to breathe into a small, rigid container. (For example, it’s easier to breathe in & out of a flexible plastic bag, than it is to breathe in & out of a glass bottle.)

  4. daffy

    It was just a joke, right?

  5. eemke

    I think it’s an art-project for awarness and \i think it’s great thta way !

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