LED Staircase Handrail Concept

LED Staircase Handrail Concept

Designed by Zoran Sunjic from Croatia, this creative LED staircase handrail system guides people through dark spaces both physically and visually.

In addition to looking cool, LED handrails would also eliminate the need for bright lights in places that are not used as frequently.

LED Staircase Handrail System

LED Handrail Concept

LED Staircase Concept

Staircase Handrail Concept

Cool LED Staircase Handrail Concept

LED Staircase Handrail

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  1. Anthony Proulx

    Awesome. Simply awesome.

  2. cz

    Looks like long lightsabers haha. Kinda scary though.

  3. Fred Campbell

    I’m sure Health & Safety will approve!

  4. Morty

    These all look like photoshopped versions of a standard handrail.

  5. David

    A simple on/off button at the top and bottom of the rail would make this great for midnight trips to the fridge. Then it’s cool AND practical.

  6. Paul Sample

    creative. simple. beautiful. I love it!

  7. Geoff

    This doesn’t look right. LED light is very directional… you can’t get the soft glow effect in these photos using this lighting technology. If LED’s were used, you would see distinct points of light at regular intervals.

  8. baobabs

    gorgeous. I wish I could have that in my house.

  9. Numanul Subhani

    Its simply awesome and innovative !!!!

  10. Karin L. Stewart

    I designed a staircase handrail for our homein the early 90’s but didn’t even consider using lighting as a medium. This is SO cool. Absolutely awesome!

  11. Chet

    @ Geoff What if you were using some kind of defuser?

  12. cole

    i think there would be less dead grandmas

  13. Eyal

    Great! very nice looked
    It’s has good potential in clubs

  14. JAMER

    Im pretty sure Chet is correct, I have a tooth brush hub that is lit by LED lights (I know, I know ) and it has a frosted outer shell which diffuses the light to an almost perfect radial glow, not to say necessarily that these photos are real,

  15. Chad

    Easily breakable?

  16. ssoheil

    oh, so cool. it just remind me night clube’s stairs

  17. Graydian

    it would be cool if it had a sensor so whenever someone passed the top or bottom of the stairs it would come on. saves energy.

  18. Maksimo

    It has good potential everywhere!

  19. John R

    Yes! Sensors to activate them, but based on touching them. An awesome night light for midnight sneaks to the fridge

  20. chelseafcrox

    @cz: I was just about to say that =]
    Bring on the Lightsabres!!

  21. simplelife

    but is it hot? can we touch it xD

  22. Geoff

    @ chet

    In a small application (such as the tooth brush mentioned above) a diffuser would work, but probably not when trying to create a continuous effect. Look at the picture; notice that the light radiates 360°… I don’t think a diffuser was used here. This is a neat idea… but my guess is that fluorescent lights were used.

  23. Kyle

    @simplelife, led’s run a very low temperature, so touching them wouldn’t be a problem. Even if prolonged power raised temps, using a polymer for a handle would allow for plenty thick protection but still the opalescence required to transmit light. @chad, using the polymers, they’re quite sturdy. @geoff, I think I might agree with you. This looks way too consistent for led’s. Even with diffuser’s there would be areas in the rail that would be dimmer than others. I hope they come out with this though. It’s like the economy sized glow stick haha

  24. marc

    can someone tell me if it’s possible to use it like a public space handrail? can it get wet?

  25. Garry James

    What is Geoff talking about! Colour changing Fluorescent??? I would like to see you try that one mate…Of-course they are LED’s, Ive done this loads of times into handrails etc….The key to it all is using a semi translucent acrylic tube (milky colour),,,spreads the light evenly and looks just perfect.

    Flourescent!!, I’m still laughing about that!

  26. wong

    i wonder if it can withstand any force….

  27. Dominic

    such a simple idea, wish i could see more of this!

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