Forest Lamp for your Bedroom

Forest Lamp for your Bedroom

Creative lamp designed by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz will project shadows of trees and branches onto the walls of your bedroom.

“Forms in Nature” chandelier transforms any room into a beautiful forest.

Realistic shadows of the forest are projected onto the walls and ceiling.

Hilden & Diaz are currently working on the production model of this innovative and beautiful lamp. It will be released later this year.

Forms in Nature by Hilden Diaz

Tree Shadow Lamp

Forest Shadow Lamp

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  1. Betty

    V cool. A little spooky.

  2. A$ap

    Nice! Are these 3d printed?

  3. Gert

    Ok… TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  4. Chewie

    This is rather interesting and relates to my current course at uni which I done a few days ago. Its amazing design project to do. As long as you have access to a laser cutter and a CAD program :p its amazing tho

  5. jacklyn

    <3 i need this. now.

  6. Curtis

    It will be wonderful if it can be washed.

  7. Pete

    Nope kids. No nightmares there or anything.

    Imagine a spider in that thing, crawling around, casting a shadow. Muah hahahaha

  8. Matt

    This is brilliant! how much and where can i buy 1!

  9. Serhio

    Not the most friendly-looking shadows …

    When I think about the forest which might have cast those I recollect the movie “Evil dead”.

    Nice idea though

  10. Dominic

    This is Beautiful

  11. Federico

    Is it possible to buy it? Where?

  12. Jess

    Is there going to be more made,and are they going to be for sale? where could you get one?

  13. kevin

    Coolest lamp ever!!!!!

  14. Amanda

    oh my sweet Jesus…I WANT IT!

  15. nick

    Amazing! Any plans on making a spring time version? I’d love to see some leaves on my walls.

  16. Andrea

    I WANT!!!

  17. Mads Rode

    Any newsd on when it might be released?

  18. Emmy

    How much are they and where can I buy one? In the uk?

  19. jorge

    PLEASE, it would make a lovely christmas present

  20. Kim

    Is the production model ready? Were can I buy one ?

  21. Sarah

    Going with the same question as everyone else… Where can I get one?

  22. Kaare

    Take my money! Want it!

  23. Terri McDonnell

    It’s an awesome lamp. I sent this company and e-mail months ago and the cost is waaay to expensive. Can you make a less expensive model?

  24. Ellen

    I love it, it is very comforting and peaceful, where can I buy one?

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