12 Cool Apple Tablet Concepts

12 Cool Apple Tablet Concepts

While the tech world is waiting for the announcement of the rumored Apple Tablet device, we decided to feature 12 cool iTablet concept designs. Enjoy!

Mac Tablet Concept

Apple Mac Tablet concept by Japanese photographer Isamu Sanada.

Mac Tablet Concept

Apple Mac Tablet Concept

Cool mock up of the much rumored Apple Tablet by Sean Mulvihill.

Apple Mac Tablet Concept

Apple MacBook Touch Concept

Designed by Tommaso Gecchelin, the core of this concept is a technology called iSpine. Like the spine of a book, the tech allows the device to go from a normal laptop with screen and touchscreen board to large widescreen canvas for drawing, presentation or movie watching.

Apple MacBook Touch Concept

Apple Mac Tablet Concept

Apple Mac Tablet Concept

iPad Touch Concept

Apple iPad Touch concept designed by Chris Messina promises to offer slick, streamlined experience that feels less like a computer and more like a lifestyle object.

iPad Touch Concept

Apple Tablet Concept

Beautiful Apple Tablet concept rendering by Fotoboer.nl.

Apple Tablet Concept

Apple Tablet Video

Video of the much rumored Apple Tablet by MacRumors forum member GoneWithTheWind.

MacBook Touch Concept

Another beautiful Apple iTablet concept design by Isamu Sanada.

MacBook Touch Concept

Mac iTablet Concept

Apple Tablet concept designed by Adam Benton for MacFormat.

Apple Mac iTablet Concept

Mac iTablet Concept

iPhone Tablet Concept

Clever Apple Tablet concept by Vern Hart looks like a giant iPhone.

iPhone Tablet Concept

Mactab Concept

The incredibly thin wireless keyboard is used as a protection cover for transportation. On the back of the computer, a hinge allows it to be put in a vertical position so you can use Mactab comfortably on your desk.

Mactab Concept

Apple Mactab Concept

Apple iTablet Concept

Beautiful Apple iTablet concept design by Jesus Diaz from Gizmodo.

Apple iTablet Concept

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  1. sean

    i doubt it will run OSX or the iphone firmware like every thinks. i think it will have its own operating system

  2. tim

    I want one. Defenately getting one if something like that comes out. Just a design of it makes me want one.

  3. lano

    I really like the fotoboer.nl one! I’m just afraid that if Apple introduces a Tablet, it will be too expensive :/ I’d never pay more than € 500 får a tablet.

  4. Richi


    Apple products…

  5. David B.

    At work we have new ThinkPad tablets and they are cool, but buggy as hell. I was just now thinking, if Apple really comes out with one of these and fixes the annoyances of this thing, it will be wonderful.

    If you think about it that is what they did with the iPod. They sat in the back for a while and saw what people liked and didn’t like about Roxio, etc. and then built a better product.

  6. Beezy

    want! if/when it’s available

  7. JAMER

    The Mactab (tablet protected by keyboard) design is really a cool & functional idea.

  8. tech-mad

    i want. ALL of them… *froth*

  9. CordyQ

    Yeah they look super cool but I will stick with my HP Touchsmart Tablet Laptop. It is awesome works wonderfully as a normal laptop but also with a pressure sensitive pen and also manual touch which makes it incredibly versatile and useful for me a graphic designer. It is great to bring to a meeting with a client, and it is way more powerful that my desktop and my other laptop combined.

  10. Karin L Stewart

    I don’t know what the “i” people are up to but this stuff is way out of the box and they had better be able to keep up or hire anew! ha ha!

  11. luke

    nice work.
    where can I find the desktop wallpaper from the last picture=

  12. Rani

    eehm… i think i’m missing the point.. arent that just renders of a square with an apple screen photoshopped on it? or is there more to it??

  13. James Ballard

    oh the teasing is just unbearable!

  14. Tham Wai Keat

    Are they for real the bendable, foldable… ABSOLUTE cool technology. I would work my !@# of for one… beauty…

  15. Djoko

    What will Apple Corp become without Steve Jobs…

  16. Jaqi Mugo

    I’m drooling, I think I’m in love, like a girl in a Swiss chocolate factory! :D

    Like the canvas one! <3

  17. wien


  18. The Guy

    The one that folds in the middle would be awesome. It could be like a laptop as well as an iPhone type deal and you could probably use it as a canvas too, maybe a remote for your home….everything….aaaaawesome!!!

  19. TiagoJ

    This apple tablet will be the second baby step (iPhone/iPod Touch were first step) towards integrated multi-touch technologies. Check out Jeff Han at Perceptive Pixels on youtube – pretty amazing what will be cheap and available to consumers in just a few more years. I’m excited!

  20. iapple

    looking forward got the tablet !

  21. Scirocco

    I want one. Defenately getting one if something like that comes out. Just a design of it makes me want one

  22. sean

    The Mac Ipad was just anounced, and looks like some things here

  23. Sonny Burnett

    Once the tablet is actually launched it will be within this decade that it replaces the conventional notebook.

  24. Art of Concept

    The canvas concept is AMAZING! I’d definitely give it some use!

  25. BEnna

    HAhahahaha its called an iPad!

  26. kara

    LOL its real now. how cool is that?

  27. Someone

    I have one

  28. Kriz

    So funny that just a few years ago the iPad was only something like this.

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