Animals Painted on Lips

Animals Painted on Lips

Paige Thompson creates wonderful art by painting cute animals on her lips.

Animal-ipstick creations are made using water-based Halloween face paint.

Pikachu Lips


Chameleon Lips


Bumble Bee Lips

Bumble Bee

Bidoof Lips


Caterpillar Lips


Black Cat Lips

Black Cat

Fox Lips


Crab Lips


Panda Lips


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  1. Nick

    Fox and Crab are the best!
    beats lipstick any day!

  2. Shirley


  3. Sarah

    I love them … ;)

  4. icha

    Ouuwww…love it!!!!

  5. jumanicus

    i could only imagine asians using these ideas

  6. miggy

    cute, very creative

  7. what?

    jumanicus, how ignorant are you? it’s makeup and it is an art, but something limited to just asians.

  8. azlin

    i like it.. the crab.
    Maybe i will try it on my lips!!!

  9. Atavistica

    They are very cute, but i’d like to see a picture of the whole face :) The Bidoof might look like a very odd moustache otherwise.

  10. Jorgelina

    They look really good! Love the fox, the kitty and the bee is super cute too!

  11. Poet

    Since when is pikachu an animal?

  12. Danyell


  13. Mum

    Hey daughter where did you get this? Is it a web-site? i would like to view it. Thanks

  14. Karin L.

    Really cute!!!

  15. Mapache

    I second …Ew.

  16. tara

    this is rely cool. and not eww.

  17. Gert

    Cute for a teenager or clubbing. Otherwise sort of silly.

  18. pb

    This is really creative! Love it!

  19. Juliee

    love this and this isnt just for asians its art and expression – something for the whole world

  20. bert


    i think it’s cute when you only look at the lips…

  21. Hamzilla

    I can’t stop looking at her mole! :-)

    And I suddenly have this urge to watch Austin Powers,


    She sould have used it as a feature in some of the paintings.

  22. sarah

    WOW!!!! This is amazing! :)

  23. Brad Pitt

    I wonder how Angelina would look with some of these…

  24. shan

    the panda waz cute

  25. Ariane

    I think i like the panda (really cute!!!!!) and the carb, the fox too…. there really really awesome!

  26. Morgan

    I think they’re cute – but I can only IMAGINE how silly the whole face looks!

  27. Silly??

    @Gert: why is it silly? it’s art, and you dont have to wear it.

  28. Nora Marie

    These are rad, and I will wear them to school on Monday. Wait- which one?!

  29. Cheryl

    These ARE silly. And I will be painting some on myself tonight! LOVE!

  30. angel

    i realy want panda lips im painting mine tonite

  31. Juliie

    Wow i love it.!

  32. Erin

    They are the cutest things ever. I would love to wear that any day.

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