15 Amazing Sandwich Art Creations

15 Amazing Sandwich Art Creations

Collection of unusual sandwiches and creative sandwich art that will make you want to play with your food.

Rubik’s Cube Sandwich

This cool sandwich contains cubes of pastrami, kielbasa, pork fat, salami, and two types of cheddar.

Rubiks Cube Sandwich

Winnie The Pooh Sandwich

Pooh Bear inspired sandwich by Mark Northeas.

Winnie The Pooh Sandwich

Dumbbell Sandwich

After eating this sandwich, you will have to pump some real iron to burn off the calories.

Dumbbell Sandwich

Nike Sandwich

Running shoe constructed using the most powerful, must durable and most delicious material known to man: hamburger.

Nike Sandwich

Terrified Sandwich

Terrified Sandwich

Tie Sandwich

Cool tie-shaped torpedo sandwich with grilled steak, Swiss, cheddar and fried onions.

Tie Sandwich

Pac-Man Sandwich

Creative sandwich inspired by the Pac-Man video game character.

Pac-Man Sandwich

Drying Laundry Sandwich

Drying Laundry Sandwich

Spongebob Sandwich

Awesome Spongebob Square Pants sandwich by Mark Northeas.

Spongebob Sandwich

Bacon Sandwich

Wild Turkey + Bacon = Wild Turbacon Sandwich.

Bacon Sandwich

Computer Mouse Sandwich

Cordless computer mouse sandwich with USB cheese stick.

Computer Mouse Sandwich

Sushi Sandwich

Unique Japanese sandwich created out of sushi.

Sushi Sandwich

Pair of Aces Sandwich

Great sandwich to enjoy while you play poker with your friends.

Pair of Aces Sandwich

Piano Sandwich

One more amazing sandwich art creation by Mark Northeas.

Piano Sandwich

Wall-E Sandwich

It takes 4 slices of whole wheat bread, turkey, mayonnaise, cheese singles, and blueberry to make Wall-E sandwich.

Wall-E Sandwich

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  1. Manish Ahuja

    I’m hungry already :)

  2. tech-mad

    that nike sandwich deserves mad props simply because it looks so close to a real running shoe!

    and that bacon sandwich = death between 2 slices of bread.

  3. Daniel

    Sooo cool!

  4. jimmy

    I’m loving it. delicious

  5. Amjad Iqbal

    love the spongebob sandwich :D

  6. lily

    go nike

  7. Cat

    Amazing — though the Rubik’s and bacon sandwiches are kinda gross.

  8. Goo

    This is art?

  9. Tiffany!

    Is it just me or do most of these sandwiches look disgusting? For eating purposes at least.

  10. robb

    i’d like bacon sandwich, please.

  11. simplyfood

    These are amazing.

  12. Bunnygotblog

    Wall-e is so cute.

  13. Tom

    That Bacon sandwich id just a heart attack on a plate!

  14. Graeme

    Its all about the Spongebob sandwich – Legendary!!!

  15. meg

    ((These are SO creative and delicious looking! Great job to all that made them, and feel blessed to all that ATE them! :D mmmm… sammich!!!))

  16. Graydian

    is the arrow on the shirt sandwich picture really neccesary?

  17. Oscar P

    Some of those look delicious. (sushi,tie)

  18. bilal

    they are soo funny :P

  19. Jamie W

    You shouldn’t play with your food

  20. jtpruz

    who started the food art thing? I’d rather eat most of that stuff than make art out of it….

  21. Maria@SavingQueen

    I have never seen anything like this. These are great! I cannot wait to surprise my kids with the Wall-E sandwich. Thanks!

  22. Karin Stewart

    Now, that’s what you need to get kids to eat their food!

  23. danny

    thses are the worlds best sandwiches

  24. Melly

    I’m so hungry now, for real:)That’s not fair:):):):)

  25. jeff

    way WAY too much time on their hands…

  26. Shevonne


  27. Holly

    Love it in a massive way. Response is def happening to my bacon sarnie this morning :-)

  28. ZJAREK

    look nice and tasty and there is oy one thing what i want to add


  29. alay

    some of these made me want to puke, i am not a fan of lunch meat, even more so lunch meat in cubes, ick.
    but most of them are cute.

  30. Catherine

    Very creative. Too bad the piano sandwich is backward, either that or the photo was somehow reversed.

  31. Karla

    so creative

  32. djDeathx

    oh the tie sandwich looks most appetizing and ingenious – while the Rubik’s cube sandwich looks truly awesome!

  33. Chumpy

    I no ken the turbacon sandwich. There is absolutely nothing special about it. Just enough fatty meats to make you obese overnight. I likes the tie, Pooh, and Rubix cube the best! YAY! Subway should take a peek at this website.

  34. scaredzone

    This is an awesome page. I love Winnie the Pooh the most. But that’s just because I’m biased >_<. I think the tie strikes me the most though. That is wayyyyy to imaginative.

  35. Digital Dojo

    cool. love the Nike sandwich..

  36. Robert

    So great, thanks! stumbled…

  37. Just Jennifer

    That’s kinda creepy. xD

  38. Andy

    The shoee is my favorite !!!

  39. Gabe

    pac-man’s awesome, but Spongebob srsly? It’s my favorite show.

  40. Som

    The Rubik’s Cube Sandwich is just wow!!

  41. mani

    Is the food for display or to eat…
    Its too good to eat…

  42. miramica

    Wow.. very amazing and palatable..

  43. The Chinese Soup Lady

    LOL – my kids love these! I’ve tried to create a few and they love bringing it to school. Very creative way to have lunch.

  44. mickey mouse

    love all of them they are all so cool….and look tasty!!!!!!!!

  45. sam

    Hey! Since there are people munching on dirt, let’s make these a ship them to them. Feed them and put a smile on their face.

  46. sidney

    cute, but pretty revolting considering what it’s been through…

  47. shanan tendulkar

    SPONGE BOB sandwitch is Great

  48. Vicky!!

    totally want to make that spongebob sandwitch.
    (and the rubix cube sandwitch!!)

  49. Kathryn

    When I think of all the starving people I think of art too. Way too much time on their hands.

  50. Matthew

    Question: How do you catch a unique sandwich?

    Answer: U neek (you sneak) up on it.


  51. Alysha

    That was so mega awesome. Feeling hungry already. :D

  52. Ramin Shab

    They were Fantastic and Great.

  53. neeraj bhatia

    sandwitch making is a fine art

  54. TrinTrin

    Manwhich —Bacon sandwhitch

  55. Jean Dewitt

    I am SO glad it is almost dinner time…if it wasn’t I would have had to snack and blow my calorie count. Thanks for the good laugh…LOVED the Nicke sandwich and Sponge Bob. I love people that are willing to put there time into something silly that makes others smile. Good job!!

  56. joey shavonie

    i like turtles make me one

  57. Kathy

    Art you can eat. Tastefully appealing.

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