Color Picker Pen Concept

Color Picker Pen Concept

Innovative concept pen by Korean designer Jinsu Park allows you to scan any color from your environment and instantly use it for drawing.

The color is detected by the RGB Color Sensor inside the pen, then the red, green, and blue inks are mixed together to create the desired color.

Color Picker Pen

Colour Picker Pen

Colour Picker Pen Concept

Color Picker Pen by Jinsu Park

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  1. Manish Ahuja

    Oh! That’s mind blowing! Brilliant!!!

  2. PK

    It’s a great idea, but RGB is only for video displays. For this to actually work in real life, it would have to be CMYK ink cartridges.

  3. Sachawinter

    Wow! Buy me one? It would have to be an extremely solid color that you would “choose” though right?

  4. firemark

    Nice :)

  5. Gina

    can you keep changing colors, or is it a 1 time use pen?

  6. derschreckliche

    Very nice thing, where can i get one?
    Does it really work like this?

  7. Ben

    PK is correct, the mockups show Red, Green and Blue inks. These are additive primary colours suitable for projections and tv screens etc. Inks require Cyan, Magenta and Yellow since they operate in a subtractive colour space. The concept could work, it’s just a shame the designer doesn’t correctly understand how colours work.
    It would be even better if White ink was included as well as black, that way the pen could work as any ink colour on any surface colour.

  8. Daniel

    pk and ben are right – bring it in cmyk and it will blow minds – but this is “only” an idea, transposed with money in the back :/

  9. Kris

    WOW! This is cool!

  10. mostafa

    useful and possible!

  11. karamdad

    This is the best


    Way too cool!!

  13. erick

    really exists¿?

  14. tech-mad

    very innovative!

  15. Gabr13l

    Very nice ! :D

  16. edmonds2007

    Great concept but really doubt it can be produced for practical/economic use.

  17. Bersam

    This is Awesome !!! really nicE !

  18. Michael


    This is “so last year”

    I’m now more interested in the new “Chefs Stylo”

    With it, anyone, and I mean ANYone can reproduce (and print out via blue tooth or USB) the recipes of any ‘dish’ into which the Stylo has been inserted.
    CSI meets Culini

  19. -Rokitman-

    Cool concept. And very true about the RBG ink carts. This would basically be a hand held printer and would have to use similar inks. But when did it become necessary to create a perfect color match for use in a hand held writing device?

    Any art student knows that inks of any color can be purchased for a fraction of what this thing will cost. The combined cost of a micro scanner and printhead in the tip of a pen would make this unattainable for the average graphic ~ starving ~ artist. Not to mention the cost of ink cartridges and whatever proprietary battery this will run on.

    A travel case with a collection of 20 or 30 ink shades would be much more practical and cost effective.

    But you gotta hand it to those crafty Japs for their innovative designs.

  20. lol

    Do we really need this people ? jesus, where’s the fn 1mm thin display????? damn

  21. itsbrandnew

    Brilliant idea! It would be more wonderful if it was erasable! I’ll have to get one! :)

  22. JK

    Cool Innovation Idea !!!

  23. Karin Stewart

    Think of the posibilities of the use of this pen! Certainly for more creative things than just the old snail mail.

  24. Dhananjay Abhang

    Wow! it’s really good instrument for painters. it will be helpful to them.

  25. Numanul Subhani

    Brilliant idea…. certainly it would be a good companion for art sutdents…

  26. Lolly

    Would the tip have to be cleaned out after each color? And how would the inks mix, exactly? They can’t mix on the page, and mixing in the pen would waste ink!

  27. Phil

    Pretty interesting idea, however scanning colors from nature would almost be impossible since its a gradient of colors, not a single color, and wouldn’t match.

  28. Markus

    I want this pen!

  29. Miss Bathory

    Wow, this is what I really need.! Where can I find one?

  30. l.d.s.

    that is ridiculously amazing.

  31. jonathan

    i never think about that before,
    freakin awesome..

  32. Yasser

    This is hands down one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while.

  33. Marius

    Right, RGB is for light… if you mix R, G and B you will get white light but black ink.

  34. ines

    Verry good

  35. joelle chehade

    Very nice thing, where can i get one?

  36. s

    WOW!!so magical.please tell me where can i get one.

  37. Charles Cohen

    Love your concept. Would like to put on TV via an informercial. If interested email me at above address.

  38. Kevin

    Typical designer: doesn’t even do enough background research to realize that RGB ink won’t create anything besides shades of dark.

  39. rubia

    wow im impressed now as a artist sell me 1

  40. cchana


  41. Klaatu

    I want one of these too….



  43. Cam

    Where can i buy one of these things!?!?!?

  44. Fresh

    Most definitely an amazing concept, but I have to agree with Ben, the designer doesn’t know anything about how colors work

  45. bebop

    The chick is pretty hot…

  46. Brian

    No she isn’t, she’s Asian . . .

  47. c0mpumast3r

    I really dont know why there are so many people in here that are devil’s advocate. They keep on providing the negative sides of a concept. Just to remind those “devils” out there that this innovation is still just a concept. Further improvements will pursue later…

    Though, their “rat ta ta…” explanations about CMYK and RGB are correct, but we have to be reminded that the concept is about picking colors from the real world. CMYK and RGB choices are out of the story.

    It would be better to go back to your desk guys and do some interesting stuff, rather than looking for some negatives of a concept, which is supposed to be not your work.

  48. Brian_fool

    And Asian’s dont like fools like Brian.

  49. Cyclorama Henri

    OH GOD DAMN! THAT IS SO BLOWING YOUR MIND! The first time I see this, I think, how the hell can the colors come out? now after I see it, I understand the concept! this thing uses color scanner to scan colors, then led to make light(maybe), and then, with the RGB tint, the pen makes the color! so coool concept! I wanna buy this if I can find this on store!

  50. Juan C Walls

    Well, it is true that RGB cartridges would not work at all (think for a moment, how do you mix for a colour like yellow?).
    The CMYK cartridges make more sense but still have some problems. Imagine you want to create a pale magenta. Ok, you inject ink just from the magenta cartridge but how do you create a pale magenta and not a fully tinted magenta? The only way i think it could work is with a fifth cartridge with transparent ink so you can add a little drops of magenta to the transparent ink to create the pale magenta. I don’t know if such a device can be created in the limited space of a stylus. It is not exactly like an inkjet printer head and cartridge. The printer drops tiny drops of ink on the paper that generate the visual effect of the desired colours but this device should continually generate an homogeneous mix of ink and it should be ready to generate a different mix as son as you scan a new colour, so what does it do with the previos ink still in the deposit? it should be a very tiny deposit and you probably had the draw a few lines in a paper until the new colour flows clean. But imagine a printer, take off all the moving parts that move the paper in and out and the print head left to right. Just keep the printer head, ink cartridges and circuitry. And you still have to fit all this stuff into a stylus, batteries included!

    But a device that makes more sense, it is fairy simply to produce and still very useful for digital artists would be the colour picker with an USB interface to use with paint programs. Imagine you can point it to an object and use its colour in the program or ever better for illustrators: you can point the device to a pantone sample and use that exact colour in your design. Or point it to a previously designed object and determine what pantone colour is the closest for using it in their corporate imagery.

  51. big brow

    its awesome

  52. Jim Bessey

    OK, how about a flying car with the ability to scan and determine the color of the sky around it. Then the skin of the car morphs into the identical hue. Voila ~ invisible airplane!
    Hey, it could happen…

  53. S.Dineshkumar

    First I like appreciate Mr.Jinsu Park. This color picker pen is very useful to every one in future. This is one of the best protect in this calender year. Thank you… All the best for your next protect.

  54. Arisio Rabin

    I need a Color Picker Pen, How, where can I buy one

  55. katerina reppa

    where can i get it please ?

    thank you

  56. wahid


  57. Simon

    What about yellow or orange? its a great idea, but it needs more work. I like the design.

  58. Helen

    Wow.This is amazing.I LOVE IT!!

  59. Thulsi

    Really cool….

  60. madhu

    Really innovative, I like it…

  61. ruby

    are they for sale??

  62. Kailee

    its true that you wouldnt be able to use RBG color cartridges but…what if you start out with those colors and have to buy the CMYK colors and they could make it inter changeable…

  63. Elizabeth

    Where can i get this color pen maker. How much

  64. Sonnet

    Where can I buy one?

  65. Artemy

    Wow, this is amazing! I would really like to know where I can get one so I can use it at school.

  66. Banu

    can anyone tell the complete technology and materials used in color picker by Jinsun park

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