14 Innovative and Creative Pens

14 Innovative and Creative Pens

Innovative modern pens and creative pen designs from all over the world.

Ruler Pen

Ruler and pen in one designed by ShiKai Tseng. The cap is printed with ruler markings on one of the edges.

Ruler Pen

Digital Pen

Epos digital pen and USB drive work together, you write with the pen on a flat surface, and everything you write is saved on the USB drive.

Digital Pen

Cigarette Pen

It looks just like the real thing, and actually has a useful purpose.

Cigarette Pen

USB Flash Drives Pen

Cool modern pen from Korea comes with a built-in USB flash drive.

USB Flash Drives Pen

Cramp Free Pen

Made of sturdy aluminum, this ergonomic pen has rubber grips on three sides for your index finger and thumb, ensuring reliable, smooth writing without hand cramps.

Cramp Free Pen

Inkless Pen

This cool metal alloy pen leaves a mark on most types of paper without any ink. The mark it leaves looks like that of a pencil.

Inkless Pen

Laser Pen

Regular ballpoint pen combined with a laser pointer for presentations and other office needs.

Laser Pen

Lipstick Pen

This lipstick is actually a fully functional pen ready to be used.

Lipstick Pen

Lamborghini Pen

Omas have created a line of beautiful writing instruments using design cues taken from Lamborghini’s cars.

Lamborghini Pen

Evo Pen

This ergonomically shaped pen relieves writing pain caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.

Evo Pen

Feather Pen

Beautiful and stylish fountain pen designed by Vivien Muller.

Feather Pen

Inka Compact Pen

This pen is fabricated from high-strength aerospace-grade materials. The pressurized ink cartridge ensures that the pen will write wet or dry at any angle, any temperature, and any altitude.

Inka Compact Pen

Night Writer LED Pen

This cool pen has a built-in blue LED light that illuminates the page for easy writing at night without disturbing others.

Night Writer LED Pen

Color Picker Pen

Brilliant concept pen by Jinsu Park allows you to scan any color from your surroundings and instantly use it for drawing. [more]

Color Picker Pen

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  1. ale

    Omg I want the last pen it could be awesome to grab some of the colors from out there! Love all the things that you put here

  2. aditia

    The last maybe the most userful

  3. John (Human3rror)

    i want them all!

  4. ajayjshah

    Want: Color Picker and Ruler pen.
    Both would be overly convenient for design work.

  5. psychodork

    I used to have that ciggarette pen. Everyone always thought it was realy at first glance. It was awesome, but I lost the cap. Bummer.

  6. Dominic


  7. Critical Eye

    Color picker is pretty good student work. It would be great to see more about how it could be turned into a real product. Ruler pen is useful (if a bit bland), and the digital pen is interesting.

  8. cchana

    the colour picker pen would be soooo useful and love the look of the lamborghini one!

  9. Web Canedo

    lamborghini rocks!

  10. Julie

    That digital pen would be amazing!

  11. Sky_pirate

    Problem with the ruler pen, you’d need another pen to draw the lines!! I love the feather pen, though it looks kindof uncomfortable.

  12. Karin L.

    All quite interesting. Would love to try the one for easy gripping. The cigarette pen sends the WRONG message today on all levels, tho!

  13. Mask


  14. farshid

    It was excellent thank you

  15. latincrow

    color picker rules!!

  16. Lygia Junqueira

    I am a pen collector and love new ones.
    These are really cool pens… I’ve got some of them…
    The one I like the most here in this page is the Epos Digital Pen, and I also like the inkless pen better than the others.

  17. carlos

    @Sky_pirate – Take a closer look. The ruler part is a sleeve the pen fits in.

    I’d love to try the feather pen.

  18. OOO

    My roomate will love Digital Pen !!!! She always keep saying she doesn’t like to type.

    Btw…color picking and ruler pen are awesome!!!!

  19. Abby

    The last one is so cool. Where cann i find one?

  20. Reilly

    Color picker is amazing. I’m an artist, and I would love being able to copy life’s actual colors. I would love it.

    The Lamborghini pen is beautiful, too.

  21. samantha

    i love almost all these pens there so cool i wish i could get them somewhere local… tat would be so cool. the cigarette pen total get away with that in school. awesome… :)

  22. alex

    yeah the cigarette pen looks cool but i thought the lamborgini pen was beasting!!! but they were all really cool!!!

  23. Avery

    I want that pen SOOOOOOOO badley!

  24. Pen

    Gr8. Color picker pen is damn coooooooooooooooooool.

  25. Jam

    What’s the point of showing a pen that doesn’t work?

    It’s like Da Vinci invented a helicopter… that didn’t fly.

    Show us stuff that exists please.

  26. kaffy

    amazing!!! thanks for sharing!

  27. Vamp Chick

    Yea um Jam, they do work. They just aren’t really on ur everyday market yet….OMGZ!! I love the color picking one. I like the cigarette one, too! I love them all….but yea, the feather one does look uncomfortable.
    Twilight gurl!!!

  28. NightDaemon

    I can attest to how useful the Inka Travel Pen is, I got one from ThinkGeek and love it.

  29. Albin

    Does anyone know where else you buy the inkless pen?

  30. Lintu

    how is that posible? how does the last pen work?

  31. Samuel J Alibrando

    I have the Pulse Pen from Livescribe which I’m sure you’d want to add to your cool collection. It records, shows little movies, writes on GPS technology paper synching audio with what you wrote and all uploadable to the internet and emailing.
    I don’t why I love “cool” pens but it is undeniably true. Thanks for you professional layout here. I enjoyed it.

  32. Ariane

    That last pen is the coolest pen ever! Ever.

  33. concerned about you all

    like the color picker pen says “concept” if it were real the only way it would work is if the end were a rgb sensor and inside the pen it regulated how much of each color it needed to add. i once saw a lamp that did a similar thing but only did random colors but still displayed over 6 bil colors. if and when someone can create the pen it would be great… your welcome

  34. Sydney

    I love the color-picker pen and the Laser pointer pen. they’re both AMAZING!

  35. Horace Ho

    Anybody give me an idea of the real world useful purpose of that cigarette pen please?

    is it to hide a real cigarette amongst your cigarette pens?

  36. dj powertrance

    omg love all never thought i would get so worked up over pens! ~lol~

  37. Phil

    I’m going to purchase two of the Lipstick pens for my BFF’s Liz and Katie.

  38. Flea

    Pens rule!!!

    Spread the word.

  39. Aoi

    The last one! I want it!! awesome

  40. Bob

    Vamp Chick, it say ‘concept’ which means it doesn’t actually exist and it is only a concept. Think/read before you respond.

  41. apsin4k

    I have a pen with laser pointer AND usb-flash-drive. and if you connect the flash drive with a computer to use it, the laser pointer will recharge! ANd, best of all, it was a free gift! I got 2 of them!

  42. Amy

    i could do with the digital pen.

  43. courtz

    i want the last one bad!!!

  44. karthik

    waste waste but good good

  45. Lucky

    for everyone asking where you can get the colour picker pen, there is one called the scribble pen I think. You should check it out

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