Portable Bicycle Concept

Cool Portable Bicycle Concept

Equipped with innovative wheel folding system, eco // 07 bicycle by Victor M. Aleman is designed to save space when it is being transported or not in use.

Folding Bicycle Concept

Folding Bicycle

Cool Folding Bicycle Concept

The wheel is composed of six foldable modules and the spokes are hidden in the inner structure of the wheel. When you unfold the system, the spokes rotate to the center and connect in the middle of the wheel.

eco 07 Bike Concept

eco 07 Bicycle Concept

Portable Bicycle Concept

eco 07 Bike

eco 07 Bicycle

eco 07 Portable Bicycle

eco 07 Folding Bicycle

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  1. Manish Ahuja

    Looks cool, but wouldn’t it be a task to dismantle this on regular basis :( ?

  2. Joop

    Sure looks like it is.
    Not to mention wet roads.
    With this one you will be covered in dirt.

  3. Bim

    Great idea! I love it!

  4. efty

    Does it automatically sense red lights and stop signs and prevent the bicyclist from breaking laws? No? Then it’s not interesting.

  5. Rob Hooft

    Looks fun, but not easy to fold and not comfortable to ride. How long does it take to assemble? How much of this is vaporware?

    In The Netherlands, there are many people that carry a bicycle on the train. Some of these can be folded into a very compact package, less than 10 kg, in less than 30 seconds. See e.g. http://www.brompton.nl/

  6. Danny Weis

    How long does it take to put it together…That would be a great contest…The winner get’s a free transformer bike.


  7. Mike Gauthier

    Looks cool, but is it really practical? What is the weight? How much time does it take to assemble or disassemble? How do you “fold-up” the tires? How do you carry the storage container while riding the bike? What is the size of the storage container? Etc, etc, etc.

  8. Derek

    Very cool, but I think the assemblage would be a bugger; I have enough trouble with baby cribs, and that’s just once :p

  9. SYS64738

    Cool idea, but unless the cyclist’s body is 80% legs, the second they come to a stop and off the saddle (standing over the bike), their coin purse is gonna be in a world of hurt.

  10. sfdadadf

    The other one on this site is better

  11. Geoff

    This is an excellent idea that just needs to be pushed further. The foldable wheels could have many applications!

  12. Karin Stewart

    I have always wanted a fold up bike that was truly foldaable. Had one in the 70’s that wasn’t satisfactory. This looks promising!

  13. jo cool

    looks like lego put this together

  14. Peter Ong

    Interesting idea but like many, I question how quick it is to put together and the other question is safety.

  15. Somchai Suwanmosi

    Would be interested to see more specs. Set up time. Dis mantle time. I think a video with someone actually riding this “concept bicycle” would add more credibility to the design.

  16. Gonzalo

    amazing design

  17. RS design

    This as a concept is so cool, but not fuctional enough, does not solve any possible useability, sustainability or manufacturing problems.

    Otherwise I like the color.

  18. naveed ahmad

    really a great concept i dnt know why stuff like this goes into production ?

  19. Rod Macbeth

    It’s as bulky unassembled as it is assembled…so what’s the advantage.

    Not impressed.

  20. Modern Zen

    very cool design indeed. Fold away bikes have always lacked the cool factor, but this one oozes it – a funky, practical design. Bravo to the designers :)

  21. Kevin C.

    Simply brilliant.

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