Big Wheel for Adults

Big Wheel for Adults

American company High Roller USA makes and sells adult size version of the famous Big Wheel tricycle.

Big Wheel Trike for grown ups is equipped with adjustable seat, pneumatic 26 inch front wheel, powerful brakes, loud bell, tassels, and 14 inch rear wheels for drifting and power slides.

Big Wheel

High Roller Big Wheel

Adult Big Wheel

Adult Size Big Wheel

High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Trike

Adult Sized Big Wheel

Adult Size Big Wheel

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  1. Michele

    I NEED one!!

  2. reason

    Great idea. Where’s the adult Lemon Twist?

  3. jay gilliam

    where’s the helmet?

  4. Clare

    What about an adult Sit ‘n Spin!!!

  5. kelly Tozarin

    I want one!

  6. Rob


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