Sleeping Bag Sofa

Sleeping Bag Sofa

Modern sofa with integrated sleeping bag designed by Stephanie Hornig.

Soft and comfortable sleeping bag will keep you warm during the cold winter nights. During the day, it will transform into a regular couch.

Perfect sofa for any living room or office!

Stephanie Hornig

Camp Daybed

Sleeping Bag Couch by Stephanie Hornig

Camp Daybed by Stephanie Hornig

Sleeping Bag Sofa by Stephanie Hornig

Sleeping Bag Couch

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  1. cole

    When is this gonna show up at ikea?

  2. Finn

    R we jus gonna ignore how dope that lamp is?

  3. woops

    The zip is body length? I can’t wait to suffocate my sleeping guests in these

  4. poet

    Looks like they tried to find a middle ground with the back angle. Turned out to look niether comfortable as a sofa or a bed.

    Also it looks like it’s just sitting on a metal frame, can’t be comfortable.

  5. Karen

    This would be useful for all the times I just conk out on the sofa…

  6. Banaan

    I like the simplicity and I’m sure it’s comfortable to sleep on but I also agree with you poet, it doesn’t look comfortable.

  7. Rob

    So Banaan, is it comfortable or not?!

  8. Gert

    Or you could just put a blanket on your couch…

  9. Jimbo

    I fail to see the creativity here. Yawn, Ho Hum!

  10. Max

    Perfect place to hide a body.

  11. Snufkin

    I like the lamp though :)

  12. Chewie

    Love this design! When I was a kid, I always wanted a sleeping bag which was big enough to completely cover me up without much hassle whilst feeling like a bed and here it is :D :D would be amazing for movie nights or general art/design working nights :d

  13. Banaan



  14. connie

    Where can one get this couch?

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