10 Cool Modern Gaming Tables

10 Cool Modern Gaming Tables

Collection of creative modern gaming tables that make games such as ping pong, pool, and table football more exciting.

LED Pong Table

Designed by Moritz Waldemeyer, this table comes with 2400 LEDs and 2 trackpads that turn it into a modern version of the 1972 Pong game.

LED Pong Table

Barbie Foosball Table

French designer Chloe Ruchon has replaced regular plastic foosball players with Barbie dolls.

Barbie Foosball Table

Obscura CueLight Pool Table

This futuristic pool table uses sensors and an overhead projector to create images that follow balls as they bang around the table.

Obscura CueLight Pool Table

Battleship Drinking Game

Enigma is the classic Battleship game turned into a drinking game.

Battleship Drinking Game

World’s Longest Foosball Table

To promote Amstel Beer, Airworks has created this XXL foosball table that accommodates 2 full soccer teams (22 players).

Worlds Longest Foosball Table

Digital Foosball

Space Foosball has replaced traditional plastic men and ping pong balls with pixels and a physics engine.

Digital Foosball

LEGO Foosball Table

Billy McDill has created a foosball table that places LEGO Pirates against LEGO Knights.

LEGO Foosball Table

Rectangular Pool Table

Custom rectangular pool table will change the way you play.

Rectangular Pool Table

Floating Table Tennis Table

Add some splash to your game of ping pong with this floating table.

Floating Table Tennis Table

Foosball Coffee Table

Modern coffee table with a built-in foosball game. Great for people that like to save space or live in small apartments. [buy]

Foosball Coffee Table

For more designs, check out: 15 Unusual and Creative Pool Tables

  1. Niyari

    =O -wants- these are really cool!

  2. D

    I Love the long one so original, they sound make a very long pinball table to or something!

  3. Karin Stewart

    Pretty cool! I know just the electron pusher who can repair them, too!

  4. Reilly

    The lego and barbie ones made me laugh.

  5. vero

    hahaha.. amazing!! i want the Barbie Foosball Table!!!!

  6. danny

    these are awsome

  7. j0rdan

    why does the subtitle say ‘Rectangular Pool Table’
    aren’t all pool tables rectangular

  8. Andy

    Somebody is obsessed with foosball…

  9. cecy

    why do you call it foosball? isn´t it football??

  10. Bruce

    During the Millenium Exhibition at the Dome in Greenwich, London, there was a table football table long enough to accommodate a huge number of players – at least 20. It was fantastic fun playing, although you rarely got a chance to see the ball, let along kick the thing with your two bars of players…

  11. The German Guy

    Aktually it could be Fussball which is translated soccer/football. Foosball doesnt exist

  12. TOMTOM

    To all you smart alecs who disagree with alex, foosball is actually what those football table games are called. a quick google search will confirm this.

    p.s. http://www.foosball.com/

  13. Kevin

    Haha, yes, foosball exists. Speaking as a moderate addict, all those tables would suck to play on. Cool stuff nonetheless!

  14. modar

    That’s very great & nice

  15. lortory


  16. Bronson

    Is it just me or does the Floating Table Tennis Table pic not look like stock art for cheesy 80’s Vinyls?

  17. horoson

    i want two of each cus i aint sharing.

  18. games

    I would love the floating ping pong table and the battleship drinking one.
    freaking cool.

  19. Kevin

    What about the Obscure Cuelight Pool Table? THAT THING IS AWESOME?!?!

  20. thisguy

    arent pool tables already rectangles? wouldnt that just be a skinnier pool table?

  21. Christian

    Nice to have at home. I’d like that Obscura CueLight Pool Table in my home :)

  22. Amber

    Awesome gaming inventions! I love Foosball!

  23. mikey

    ALL pooltables are rectangles

  24. Nick

    the pooltable is different because of where the holes are. just freakin look at it, there are actual corners and the pockets are in different places. Also i agree with kevin that Obscura CueLight Pool Table is awesome!!!

  25. Alec

    foosball sucks.

  26. afcles

    very very cool but what about snooker tables ?

  27. Steve

    Actually, TomTom, Foosball is just what you yanks call it. If you look at the Barbie one it says “Football” on the side, because that’s what the rest of the planet calls it.

  28. J. Anthony Carter

    To all and sundry:
    WE call it foosball. You can freaking call it whatever you want. WE aren’t coming to your house telling you what to call it, don’t imagine you can come (write) to us in our house and tell us what WE call it! FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS FOOS

  29. Krysened One

    Pool tables are typically two squares stuck together to form a regular (and ultimately rectangular) table. The “rectangular” table would be formed from two rectangular halves stuck together.

  30. Millenion

    im digging the xxl Foosball table can have 2 full soccer teams play sounds like fun

  31. gagan

    best LED Pong Table

  32. sir jorge

    that’s really cool

  33. Pillow Reilly

    That’s a tough pill to swallow!


    wow weird tabels and games

  35. anon

    Wow, you people must have so much time on your hands. Arguing about foosball? WTF?

  36. Lanie

    i like the floating ping pong and the foosball coffee table.

  37. Accommodation

    That lead pong table is a winner!! lol

  38. jess

    that light pool table is f***ing awsome!!! But where the hell did they get it?

  39. Matthew

    From the way he was explaining how it worked in the video, and his not-so-awesome break, I assume he made it.

  40. sir jorge

    those designs are simply incredible, a great way to get gaming action

  41. steven

    I call dibs on the digital pool table

  42. Erin

    omg i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  43. jelle schouwstra

    Do want! Very nice tables!

  44. Tanya

    How much money does it cost for all of those. Probably a lot for a whole bunch of games. :/

  45. coolio

    Totally want the pool table with the sensors revealing the picture!… with maybe a different picture beneath ;D

  46. Adrian

    Foosball is from the fussball meaning soccer in germin

  47. B

    Lol I saw the barbie one in f a o shcwartz in NYC so cool!

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