Futuristic Monocycle

Futuristic Monocycle

Ben Wilson created this monocycle for 21st Centry Man Exhibition in Tokyo.

According to the designer, the attraction of this project is venturing into the unknown.

We don’t suggest for one moment that a functioning human powered monowheel could ever provide an improvement on the modern bicycle. Instead its value would come from the discourse and ideas generated as a result of this research.

Futuristic monocycle is now in a private collection.

Futuristic Monocycle by Ben Wilson 2

Futuristic Monocycle by Ben Wilson 3

Futuristic Monocycle by Ben Wilson 4

Futuristic Monocycle by Ben Wilson 5

Futuristic Monocycle by Ben Wilson

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  1. ho hum

    it doesn’t appear to actually function. there are no pictures of the thing actually moving as the vehicle it’s intended. the guy just leans up against a wall, or leans on the thing. sadly, it’s a big paperweight.

  2. Steam boy

    Reminds me of steamboy, the bike he rides that ends up on the railway tracks. Not reclining but the idea seems the same.

  3. kim

    isn’t this the thing Mr Garrison developed on South Park?

  4. Tamline

    I think they were used in the Beijing Olympics this year. It was in one of the opening or closing shows and there were loads of them.

  5. will

    looks like the vehicle on South Park.

  6. yomi sopein

    I hope the manufacturer is not thinking of exporting the bikes to Lagos,Nigeria,or else there will be too many dead bodies on our highways.

    but,i think the idea is good for museum purposes.

  7. jesus

    these things are nothing new…. they had an episode of junk yard wars where they made these things. but they had engines and were cooler

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