15 Unusual and Creative Pool Tables

Unusual and Creative Pool Tables

Creative and unusual pool table designs that make the game of billiards even more exciting.

Fusion Pool Tables

Convertible in just seconds, the Fusion table transforms a design dining table in a high quality billiard or game table.

Fusion Pool Table

Fusion Pool Tables

Glass Pool Table

The most advanced pool table in the world, the G-1 glass top table features resin playing structure and striking modern design.

Transparent playing surface replaces the traditional felt but allows the balls to roll at the same speed. [more]

Glass Pool Table

Rectangular Pool Table

Unusual custom made rectangular pool table design.

Rectangular Pool Table

Balmoral Pool Table

This creative pool and dining table can be turned from its one avatar to another in a matter of seconds.

Balmoral Pool Table

Manhattan Pool Table

Sophisticated and sleek, and stunning in its presence, this dynamic table is an exciting addition to any contemporary room.

Manhattan Pool Table

Ice Sculpture Pool Table

Amazing working full size pool table sculpted from ice.

Ice Sculpture Pool Table

The Predator Pool Table

The table is made of wood, metal, and glass with an aluminum and maple veneer frame. It also has a ball return setup.

The Predator Pool Table

Vincent Facquet Pool Table

Spectacular pool table design by a triple world champion pool player Vincent Facquet.

Vincent Facquet Pool Table

The Executive Pool Table

This pool table is more of an entertainment center than anything. It has an LCD TV, a stereo, flat-panel speakers, what looks to be a PS2 and even a small bar for your favorite drinks.

The Executive Pool Table

Mobile Pool Table

If you love billiards, then you need bring your A game wherever you go. A challenge is just a quarter of a tank away.

Mobile Pool Table

N-17 Pool Table

Beautiful modern pool table design by Michael Wells.

N-17 Pool Table

Round Pool Table

The lack of angles means no nasty corners to bump into.

Round Pool Table

“Pool” Table

Creative billiards table that looks like a swimming pool.

Pool Table

Mars Metal Pool Table

This contemporary billiards table has precision-machined aluminium legs and a solid steel frame for a sense of sturdiness and a sleek futuristic look. The table top seems almost suspended in the air as the legs jut out underneath at an intriguing angle.

Mars Metal Pool Table

Disappearing Pool Table

When you need a pool table and a family room but don’t have the space there is only one thing to do… make the pool table disappear.

Disappearing Pool Table

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  1. Mandy

    Wow! The glass one is certainly impressive!

  2. Javacikiz

    so nice :)))

  3. her

    freaking cool!

  4. elizabeth boom

    I love the “pool” table. It blows the others “out of the water”.

  5. Witek

    Holy s*it! I want that “pool” ;d

  6. Sklep Zoologiczny

    Disappearing Pool Table – amazing idea.

  7. Martin Lewis

    Def thumbs up for the glass one. So cool.

  8. glass pool table

    how can I purchase a table
    who should I contact

  9. lisa

    those are meeeeean!!loving the ‘pool’ looking pool tablethe best…Awesum

  10. alana896

    Amazing Information about the different types of pool tables. Thanks for providing such a interested blog.

  11. saniaa

    each better than the next! the glass one’s hot and I want the disappearing one toooooo !!

  12. jerry

    I saw an unusual pool table many years ago in Popular Sciene (or Mechanics) and have been unable to find reference to it anyway.

    Hard to describe but picture two rectangular tables side by side width-wise but offset by 50% so that it looks sort of like a ā€œzā€. It had ten pockets; instead of twelve and they were placed as you would expect.

    Has anybody ever seen or heard what I are referring to?

    I think it would be an awesome piece for the right game room.

  13. Lou

    Ans to Jerry ? om 8/5/9. Saw the table you describe at The 5th Street Bar in Herington, Ks.

  14. nishant

    WOW..this is uber kewl especially the swimming pool pool table!

  15. lauren siddall

    i like the “POOL” table i want to swim in it now (lol)

  16. Tim

    To Jerry. Saw the table you describe at a bar in Demver called Shakespeers. Also might try Wynkoop Brewer in Denver as well. It’s been a while.

    Really liked the N-17 design. “Pool” table looks great, but may be too distracting to play on.

  17. Juan

    I’m lowering my pool table from the ceiling.

  18. Brigitte

    The glass one is 89,000.00 us dollars!

  19. the impressed one

    glass one, n-17 one, ice-sculpted one, the dining table/pool table, the “pool” table, the round pool table…….WHAT ISN’T HERE THAT DOESN’T IMPRESS ME!

  20. Rob

    the one that disappears is awesome.. wish that was in my living room

  21. Diane

    How much is that “Fusion” one… it’s perfectly gorgeous.

  22. Collier Hageman

    One small point. You begin the article with the statement: “Creative and unusual pool table designs that make the game of billiards even more exciting.” There are NO billiards tables pictured, only pool tables. Billiards tables are significantly larger and have no pockets. Also, billiards is played with only 3 balls, one of which is the cue.

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