Monkeys in Doll Masks

Monkeys in Doll Masks

Unique photo series by talented Finnish photographer Perttu Saksa features cute animals with scary doll faces.

Disturbing photos of monkeys in doll masks. Get in the mood for Halloween.

Perttu Saksa

Monkey Wearing Doll Mask

Photos of Monkeys Wearing Doll Masks

Monkey Mask

Monkeys in Masks

Monkey Doll Masks

Monkey Masks

Perttu Saksa Monkeys in Doll Masks

Monkey Doll Mask

Photographer Perttu Saksa

Perttu Saksa Monkeys

Photos of Monkeys in Doll Masks

Monkey in Doll Mask

Monkeys Wearing Doll Masks

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  1. Arian Green

    the fact that the monkeys are in chains sickens me..

  2. Makan Angin

    You all have to know the story behind this pictures. I’m from Indonesia and know exactly what happen to these monkeys.

    It’s called “Topeng Monyet” (Monkey’s Mask)
    Monkeys, masks, and costumes as part of this small show. This show is shocking many people due to show cruel treatment of monkeys forced to wear masks and tiny bike to earn money for their captors.

    This thing is totally in Indonesia.
    In the last photo of this page, you can spot an Indonesian logo (Garuda Indonesia) at monkey’s red shirt.
    You can find them easily across Jakarta.

    I think the photographer captured these are for journalism, not for creative stuffs.

  3. Pearl Lambie

    It’s very disturbing; great for Halloween!

  4. Eddie

    Total nightmare.

  5. Gert

    Well that’s not at all creepy….

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