Creative and Unusual Bookshelves

Creative and Unusual Bookshelves

The most creative modern shelves and unusual bookshelf designs that will allow you to display your book collection in style.

Pulseline Shelf

Inspired by a line that illustrates human heartbeat, this shelf is made from 3mm metal sheet. The edge is painted with fluorescent green.

Pulseline Shelf

Distorted Bookshelf

Extremely unusual plywood bookshelf design by dbd Studio.

Distorted Bookshelf

Flybrary Bookshelf

Books hang on metal strips, creating the levitation effect.

Flybrary Bookshelf

Infinity Shelf System

Cool never ending shelf system designed by Samuel Accoceberry.

Infinity Shelf System

FlexiTube Shelving

Modular shelving by Doris Kisskalt. Inside each tube is a shelf for storage which serves as a visual horizontal line.

FlexiTube Shelving

LIEUL Bookshelf

Contemporary bookshelf by the industrial designer Ahn DaeKyung.

LIEUL Bookshelf

Branch Shelf

Hand painted tree branch inspired shelf made from solid wood.

Branch Shelf

Wind Shelf

“Shelf in the Wind” designed by Olivia Bradateanu.

Wind Shelf

Storyline Bookshelf

Sound finds a physical identity in this beautifully crafted bookshelf.

Storyline Bookshelf

Coffee Table Bookshelf

Unique coffee table comes with cool compartments for your books.

Coffee Table Bookshelf

Comic Bookshelf

Creative bookshelf inspired by speech bubbles from comic books.

Comic Bookshelf

Tree Bookshelf

Beautiful tree inspired bookshelf by Korea designer Shawn Soh. [order]

Tree Bookshelf

United States Bookshelf

Bookshelf by Ron Arad shaped like the United States of America.

United States Bookshelf

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  1. Gonzo


    I loved all them!

  2. Mr.Great

    I like the main idea of these bookshelves. But if you were to actually use these, you would need over 100 books to fill most of the bookshelves.


  3. viranica

    I want it alllll. I love books, now I’m in love with the bookshelf as well.

  4. Niyari

    Book shelves don’t just hold books, you CAN fit games in there too, and I”m sure people have over 100 books, games, magazines, and photo albums in total, and besides if you don’t then you probably wouldn’t need a book self >__________> and thus your wasting space.
    also I wants the story line shelf.

  5. vall03

    love the designs! I think I want a couple of those but my problem is, I dont think they would fit in my room…

  6. DebbyK

    Would need over 100 books? and that’s a problem, how? lol. I just packed up over 20 boxes of books for moving, and that’s not all of them. I would need the USA twice, at least! Very cool ideas!

  7. Manish Ahuja

    With so many books in my collection I so want a bookshelf RIGHT NOW.

  8. andrei

    Don’t really like how books rest in the usa shelf. they don’t seem happy about it either

  9. Charnchai

    Wow.I will choose one for my own bookshelf.

  10. Karin L. Stewart

    Very creative and ingenious. Put me down for a couple!!!

  11. Virginia

    100 books? How about 1000? or 3000? I have too many books and too little space to spend much of it on clever and creative but sadly ineffecient designs. I had well over 100 running feet of books befor my last move. Sadly there wasn’t enough room in my new abode to keep them all.

  12. Mask

    i love all of these, but shouldnt texas in the US bookshelf have no books in it? XD
    indeed, you dont have to keep books on them. i have games,DVDs and the like which could also neatly take up residence in these beautiful works of art.

  13. Jen

    Ha, I read what I expected to see, and completely misread Mr Great’s problem in reverse! In other words: if you were to actually use these, you would need over 100 shelves to fit most of your books. With my collection I’d have to have hundreds of speech bubbles or trees… not that that’s a bad thing mind!

  14. Sara

    Seeing imagery like this really makes me want to be an interior designer! SO cool!

  15. Sam

    Where can I buy the FlexiTube shelves? I’ve looked all over the site but can’t find a link :/

  16. Karen

    i think these are just cool looking, normally for aesthetic purposes… if you really do want to store a lot of books, i suggest investing in a big and sturdy bookshelf. i would totally some of these to store some of my junk though… :D

  17. Rocio @ Casa Haus

    Wow! Soooo cool! I’m posting about them in my blog!

  18. UmaYara

    I want them…. err… all!!!

    alas no space for most but they are very cool!!!

  19. Scirocco

    love the designs! I think I want a couple of those but my problem is, I dont think they would fit in my room…

  20. Jeanne

    Gosh, I want all of them! :D

  21. Colleen Marie

    The books don’t look very happy in the US, do they? And I wonder about the spines on the hanging ones.
    Of course, my bookshelf is full of dvd’s, and my table is full of books, so really, anything is better than what I have right now.

    A giant wall of cartoon quotes would rock. And you could put books on top of them too, if you had ends.

  22. Mohammad

    Very nice ideas, would like to apply one of them in my house.

  23. Janani

    Loved the last one!!

  24. Haley

    I love the USA one super cool

  25. zainab

    love the tree :)

  26. steven

    coffy book shelf is not a good idea, especialy if youre a cluts. spill youre coffy and youre entire library is stuffed, clever consept but not practical as such.

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