Unique Forkless Bicycle Design

Unique Forkless Bicycle Design

Beautiful forkless bike design by Olli Erkkila, created as a graduation project for the Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland.

Forkless Bicycle

Forkless Bicycle Design

Forkless Cruiser

Forkless Cruiser Bike

Forkless Bike

Cool Forkless Bicycle Design

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  1. thatisocool

    that’s pretty awesome…

  2. unDave

    Sorry, i can not watch the vid, can anyone tell me plz how do you steer that stuff?

    -by unDaveā„¢

  3. Alex

    The video basically shows it in operation, it has a piece of metal following the framework

    what is the benefit of this?
    yes its beautiful, but what it does in effect is create a horrible ride, because the forks also contain shock absorbers… that’s one crazy painful bum after a quick cruise down the shops.
    Is there any problem with forks?

  4. Fred

    Suspension forks have only really been big for the last 15 years or so, and road bike and cruisers (this one I’d class as a cruiser) don’t use them at all.
    The front wheel support arm on this one has some amount of flex that’s going to provide enough dampening to make the ride quite comfortable, it’s actually going to be a smoother ride than a traditional steel fork.
    As for the seat, it’s a nice old springer seat, so it’s gonna be nice and smooth riding too.
    Overall, that’s actually gotta be a pretty smooth ride compared to a normal cruiser, plus it looks cool as hell. I’d be tempted if it goes into production.

  5. derschreckliche

    Nice idea, looks really cool, but i don’t think’ll go into production because there are no real advantages to the classical concept and this one will surely have much higher production costs…

    Anyway i like it :D

  6. nba20108

    How do you stop??

  7. Serious

    With breaks, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

  8. Fred

    It looks like it’d either be a fixie or have a coaster brake.

  9. Pavan Somu

    amazing design

  10. Karin Stewart

    I don’t mean to sound unknowledgable, but how do you make a sharp right turn???

  11. GiDEZEL

    How do you stop??

    maybe by back-pedalling.

  12. Toyama

    I guess you can stop it when you stop pedaling (Well… according to what I see in the video, the bike sort of slowed before he placed his feet down the ground)

    I think the idea is nice, it gives a really ‘designer’ look but… I don’t like how it’s sort of ‘stretched’, will be more difficult to store than the conventional bike, seeing that it’s longer.

  13. mrking

    Easy to change a flat tire

  14. Mihir Modi

    Quite smart :)

  15. Andy

    That is a really neat bike. What is the turning radius of the front wheel?

  16. Todd

    I believe the builder made the bike long on purpose, for effect. I see no reason it could not be built shorter. I doubt that it was designed as a production bike. The design is entirely for effect, and does not accomplish anything better than a mainstream diamond frame. Definitely an art-bike. Even if it could pass rigorous testing, the subconscious mind of a non-technological consumer would prevent it from becoming popular. I, personally would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one. I ride a LWB-USS (long wheel-base under seat steering) recumbent, and am already trying to figure out how to combine the two designs. Good Job.

  17. jovy

    how much is it.

  18. Jacob

    What is the music in the video? It’s awesome. The bike is pretty cool too…

  19. James Anzalone

    @Alex, Yeah I sort of agree. Aside from not being terribly in love with the design for this.. I feel like I’m encountering more and more design lacking a purpose behind it.

    I think “REdesign” should be about creative new, beautiful ways to better a product. not just change it.

  20. Onn

    Long term vision… don’t it be hard to fix if the steering alignment went off? We can easily fix the ordinary bike but this one? Seems like a complicated mechanism going on..

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