Inner City Bike Concept

Cool Inner City Bike Concept

Jruiter Studio has designed a compact bicycle with no chain to be used in an inner city environment with minimal space.

Designers ended up rethinking what a “frame” meant, getting rid of basic key components, and creating a new type of bicycling that is more about fashion and culture than speed and performance.

Inner City Bike Concept

City Bike Concept

Minimal City Bike Concept

Inner City Bike

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  1. Fred

    I’d be tempted if the price was decent and the ride didn’t completely suck, but with that short of a wheelbase it’s going to have some really twitchy handling.

  2. DjD808

    Ok, yes it looks cool sitting still but you are going to have to post a video of someone comfortable riding it for it to be believable….Im sorry if you have had this request and are working on it…

    very nice,

  3. matt

    Love your blog, of course

    I also thought there was some key gear-to-wheel ratio that made bicycling work thats missing here…..

  4. Ang

    Interesting, but I can’t see it working without something to increase leverage. I think you’d be walking it at the slightest incline.

  5. Geoff

    Cranks are too short. No evident gearing, that would be interesting.

  6. unDave

    What is your definition of “cool”?

    Nice indeed, i bet uncomfortable, but something new….

    -by unDave™

  7. Adrian

    its like the Big wheel but for adults

  8. 2expertsDesign

    cool bike :)

  9. Critical Eye

    Looks like another example of bad, self indulgent design. Sure, it looks interesting. But if it can’t function well as a bike, it’s really not a very good design.

  10. Roland

    Wow :) Fantastic concept. It is really hard to compare it with a standart massive bikes :) I imagine, if will have a carbon frame + carbon wheels, then You would be just flying on it :D AWESOME !!!!

  11. Gem

    I agree with Critical Eye, it looks uncomfortable and inefficient, you would be knackered trying to go up a hill on this, and the saddle is way too low, your legs would be practically falling off after 20 mins or so. It looks nice, but if if doesn’t work, then it just isn’t good design.

  12. Oscar

    This looks like a sweet ride if it only had a bit longer cranks and integrated hub gear. A 70’s Bike I used to have used the brake for changing between it’s two gears, which worked surprisingly well.

  13. Tony

    Ahhm “to be used in an inner city environment with minimal space.”

    I’m sorry, but a traditional bike with a chain takes up no more space than this.
    I don’t think it functions as a bike.
    It looks…interesting, but..well, an oval is interesting but it’s not an improvement on the wheel.

    I’m Tony
    You Stay Classy San Diego

  14. derschreckliche

    No, thats nothing that will be successful, look at how the guy is sitting on it!
    They should make the wheels smaller(but keep the distance from the ground), to get more space for the legs. And the pedals need to be not directly under the b*tt but just a little more in front of it. Otherwise you will never be able to use this thing for more than 5 minutes.

  15. Hassan

    Hey! this is one of most interesting things witch are shown in this site!

  16. Aris Gobet

    I guess the issue of city concept is maintenance. With no chains, less hassle, and no worries on getting the pants dirty over the oily chains.
    Although I must agree it doesn’t look comfortable at all. lol!

  17. Just Curious

    For an “inner city” bike (which is what, exactly?), how are you supposed to lock it?

  18. Fred

    The gearing issue can easily be overcome with a geared hub.
    I’m still wondering about the handling issues.

  19. Karin Stewart

    Looks like a modern version of the “original bone shaker” but with brakes. LOL!

  20. Hillie

    I would love to take a ride on this bike! :-)

  21. spacecookies

    Looks cool, painful, but cool

  22. Jer

    Wow, that is a cool bike, but it doesn’t look very functional

  23. babaganush

    it seems like a tricycle in reverse so why wouldn’t it work…
    get the power directly to the wheel and with speed comes balance.

  24. crsfoto

    I dig this a lot. I would rock it.

  25. Sklep wędkarski

    Looks outstanding but is it comfortable? Suppose not…

  26. Bud E

    It’s a unicycle with an extra wheel. This is a better workout than bicycling. No coasting and it can be pedalled backwards! Awesome concept. I would love to have one!

  27. Josjh

    Looks like a good bike to ride if you don’t want ever have any children. The seat looks like it would hit ya right where it counts.

  28. kyle

    great concept.

  29. Kangrrl

    Being perched on a flat saddle like a jockey, poised in a top-heavy manner, paired with a non-existent wheel base would make me fear a devastating faceplant (on concrete no less- since I’m uber-hip and only ride in the city).

    But the look and style is very cool, indeed. Now function must follow form, I suppose.

  30. Seth

    Hey, look! A Draisienne!

  31. Dave

    There are a number of floors to this design firstly only a front brake and a disc brake so this bike has been designed for city use where people and cars are all over the place so i would say stopping is quite important. face planting the floor everytime someone walks out infront of you just isnt practical.
    secondly why suspention forks its make for the city so theres no need atall. and long with all the other points people have made such as the comfort, where to lock it up etc issues makes this a intresting yet uselss design
    stick with fixed speed

  32. Ethan

    If it works, that is brilliant.

    As for only having a front brake, front is 90% of braking anyway, and having no free-hub, any resistance on the pedals acts as a rear brake.

  33. Piet

    Pretty cool, i think there could be merit to this design.

    Need to ride it though!


  34. vivverine

    It’s not cool, cause it looks wrong! You can’t sit and ride cause you feet slip. You can bomb and still not reach any speed. You develop it a few generations and you get… BMX bike.

  35. ryan

    riding this would be sick, can anyone say endless catwalks?????? id fufanu every curb i came across! who would even ride, id hop everywhere 360 roll outs son

  36. Raghu

    Its cool concept, But only front break is not helpful for recent traffic busy. I think its riding is very pain full for long distance.

  37. Nepzie

    It would have been better if the pedal was fixed on the front wheel. The posture of the rider here doesn’t look like the type his back would enjoy.

  38. Ryan

    Has anyone considered that this bike would rule bike polo courts!? I would put more upright handlebars though. this bike could get out of some of those tight spots, maneuver around anyone, and the short wheel base would stop so many shots going through the bike. sign me up! im looking for a polo bike!

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