Folding Keyboard Concept

Cool Folding Keyboard Concept

Innovative portable keyboard concept, designed by Yoonsang Kim and Eunsung Park, folds up like a traditional folding fan when not in use.

Key Stick is a computer keyboard that you take with you everywhere, never needing to touch keyboards that have been touched by others.

Folding Keyboard Concept

Folding Keyboard

Folding Keyboard Design

Innovative Folding Keyboard

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  1. Megan

    Foldable keyboard? Why not? Nice concept.

  2. jojo

    I have this keyboard too! But its fully silcone-ed.

    Fancy to look at and show off, but not exactly the perfect keyboard to use in the long run.
    Its way too rubbery.

  3. João Alves

    This one seems pretty cool.
    I’d would use it :D

  4. Mika

    Would love this! Would give me a lot more room on my desk when I’m not using the keyboard

  5. mklprc

    I’d get one of these if they also made a Mac keyboard layout. Windows key is just annoying and makes the keys work wrong.

  6. Critical Eye

    Cool idea. I think the ergonomics will need some work before this can become a real product, but definitely a good start.

  7. CrazyGentleMan

    This keyboard seems pretty cool.
    Cool idea .

  8. andrei

    shouldn’t the hands “climb” the stairs rather than descend? would make more sense i think

  9. Karen

    actually, i think when it unfolds, everything is slanted, but every section starts over on the table, so its not going up, its actually quite flat.

  10. superdit

    cool concept, waiting for the real one

  11. FoxyBoxers

    “never needing to touch public keyboards that have been touched by others”
    so… its for germaphobes?

  12. Dan

    @FoxyBoxers- that’s exactly what it’s for. Not really creative, just paranoid…

  13. grace

    WOW – that’s amazing, what a great idea!

  14. Austin

    Pretty cool, but it doesn’t seem like it would work in the long run. It doesn’t seem sturdy enough for heavy use.

  15. Eric de Jesus

    That is one great idea. I’m a clean freak and I love things like these where there are no wires to connect here and there.
    One question though, does it move from time to time as you type on it? Personally, the panels seem to be a problem for me because of the air spaces below it as you collapse it. So then on I’m wondering if it moves as you type on it.

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