Interlocking Earphones by Yoonsang Kim

Interlocking Earphones by Yoonsang Kim

Holeder Earphone concept, designed by Yoonsang Kim from South Korea, solves the problem of tangled wires by allowing you to interlock earphones behind your neck when they are not in use.

Holeder Earphones by Yoonsang Kim

Holeder Earphones

Interlocking Earphones

Holeder Earphones Concept

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  1. Valeria

    Great idea! I love it!

  2. sunrainey

    fashion design, but headset outside,vulnerable to external noise. can be made to the headset accessories!

  3. Donald

    Very Cool, but where can I find them on sale?

  4. Megan

    Donald, they are not for sale, it is just a concept.

    Cool earphones btw.

  5. Unkeft

    Not only are a great and practical design, but look soooooooooooooooooooooooo cool too. I wish i could get one.

  6. Jaqi Mugo

    Very tidy design. Wonder if he has solutions for DJs like me, too? We got cables all over the events like black spaghetti!

  7. Jessica

    I’m not a big fan of these or zipper ones for that matter. The zipper headphones look a little flashy and… I guess I just don’t like the look, and these ones look nice, but they would be very susceptible to outside noise.

  8. author

    awesome! If they proved to be as comfortable as they are cool, I’d buy them.

  9. stephen

    cool concept,

    but looks uncomfortable for the ear,

  10. Fede

    So… where should speakers go???

  11. Luis

    Looks nice, but not practical at all as a earphone, the open shape let all extern sounds in making it good to carry around but not to actually listem to music

  12. Leigh

    The coolest products always seem to come from solving a problem creatively!

  13. trolomatic

    its a interesting concept. But its obvious the designer has no idea about how sound or acoustics work.

    Besides letting in external sound, a headphone with out a resonance chamber would produce no bass what-so-ever. Traditional earbuds create the chamber inside your ear canal, while traditional over the head make the chamber within the cup. These simply have no chamber, and thus could not produce bass.

    Its a good start, but far from something that would even work.


    this headphone is really good. i am the person who studying in the design college, nashik.
    and i select this headphone for study.
    thank you.

  15. Ouzi

    Hey, Is there any possible way I can contact the creator of these earphones? I think it’s a very good design and has potential. Please someone let me know thanks :)!

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